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honestly just disappointed, no credit where credit is due

Did you just make this account to write a negative comment on my game?

Btw. there are a lot of games out there which are inspired by others or rip offs of others. I made a game and I'm proud of it ;)

I did, I was pissed a classic game was getting reskinned without any credit.

Just because others are doing it doesn't mean its a legitimate strategy. ideation is an important part of game development and you failed it. There is a large difference between referencing and plagiarism and this is plagiarism 

I have added the link. Is this ok now?


You should put a link to the original There Is Only One Level in the description. There is no shame in making a clone computer game, but there is shame in not giving credit where it's due. Do the right thing!


Ok, I will do it. You are right.


Thank you! That's great!