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Really love this game, also a question: I've read there'll be 32 collectible harem girls in total in the final version, so what will happens to the other 119 girls?

Probably only 32 at this moment in the game?

Idk man, cuz It's the FINAL version we're talkin' about, maybe 151 gals are too big and it's gonna take a lot of time and work

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just saying, the character story says he wants 151 harem members, the dev isn't making the claim there is that many. game could stop at 32, considering that just because that was his goal doesn't mean it was the outcome. 

There are plans for sequels, which will continue the story of Hero, and allow him to eventually attain that holy number of harem girls. However after HC, we will be undertaking a different project, and finishing that before returning to the HC verse.