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i believe you have to change a vers number in a .txt file for the saves from .15 to .17.

find out :P not everything can be spoonfed to yah

Probably only 32 at this moment in the game?

Agreed. Would be brilliant as an android game

Brilliant game 😄. Already sinking so many hours into it whenever I play

running vers 1.12.2 and can't talk to the trader guy in Gear shop, Vibrosuit, jacket and underwear doesn't appear to be repairable (tried in vers 1.12.1, could try paying for repairs, but wasn't able to, even with more than enough cash), plus can't get down to Sub-level 2 after unlocking the mission for it?

the victims :P

looking forward to this one. Remy comes across as very like Tiny Tina. lol

if you've completed Kali's story use the code 'truestory' on the PC in your room. then head to the hot springs while nobody is there.

hit the red 'download' buttons above or below description and then hit the 'take me to downloads' button on the popup

yep, just copy the 'saves' folder direct from 0.6 to the same place in 0.7 (there won't be a folder labelled 'saves' in 0.7 to start with so won't be any worries about overwriting stuff.)

complete her sister's story (can use code truestory if you've already done Kali's story.

because it's funny watching her immediately swing around and down you with a single punch. lol

can't install onto Itch, downloads only

see when i do that i get my lights punched out. lol

just got started playing 0.7 (after porting in my old save) and loving the Emma/Felicity arc right now with Lin XD

Most of the stuff is either hidden, or supposed to be combined from other stuff (The diary is in the master bedroom safe, in the closet. Use a sheet of paper from the office, and a pencil on a book in the master bedroom.)

Uninstall and reinstall?