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.6 update was uploaded, was some posting issues so it wasnt attaxched to the devlog, the devlog has been updated as well.

this was fixed in the .4 update, which I am uploading as we speak

this was a bug that would happen on easy mode, that made bosses with unique death conditions sometimes turn immortal, this bug has been FIXED in the current update, released today, which adds some new content to the game as well!

As far as this game goes, we have pretty much everyone planned out

They are different updates of the game, The princess update added content for princess quinta, and the bros update came after, and thus has all the content the princess update did, and more, including two new respect quests for gargan and kevin. However today they are both out of date, as now the horticulture update is live, including everything from the bros and princesses updates, along with fun new stuff like love quests for doll and chimei

This was a problem in the 0.44.4 release, update to the 0.44.7 release and this (along with a few other) bugs will be resolved!

This was a bug that occurred in the 0.44.5 release, update to the 0.44.7 release and it'll fix the problem.

This sounds very similar to a bug that we resolved in the 0.44.6 release, try updating to the 0.44.7 release and see if that fixes the problem.

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I've had this happen to me a few times, if I had to guess you probably didn't check the diary of the girl to the South of the Church, talking to the NPCs in that house isn't enough to progress the quest. It's easy to miss. Try examining it then see if that updates your quest progress!

uploading a new release today, see if this fixes it

thats what the time turner is for!

answered on forums/discord

the initial premise of this game was to 151 girls in a single game, however the reality of game dev eventually set in, and it was decided to split the game into a series, with the sequel starting after this and the other project we currently have in predev are completed. There will be 35 harem girls in hc when all is said and done. More will come in sequels

what do you mean by move properly? movement speed can be changed by using a s and d keys

there is an item called moon selector that allows you to do that it is exclusive to easy mode

the game is in active development, and many of the love quests are actually designed to be end game content, there will actally be a great rebalancing at some point where quest levels get changed etc. We have been adding new love quests in over time, with the current update adding gargans love quest, and kevins respect quest, the previous one adding princess quintas quest and the prior two ending major storylines.

seems like this was handled on discord or the forums


Yeah, we apologize for the unintended difficulty the 0.42 release added to Stranger Things, we've since taken the time to slow down the enemy movements and increase the timer for that portion of the game to compensate, and our testers have run through it multiple times so I can assure you the quest is quite doable with the changes we added in.

Glad to hear that you enjoyed the quest, it's always great hearing how much fans enjoy our work!

As for the countdown in Stranger Things, originally the 5 minute countdown was doable, however after we added in the AoE rebalancing in this release we got a lot of reports about 5 minutes not being enough. Look forward to the next release where we've slowed down many of the enemies during the countdown as well as extended the timer to compensate for the extra time the fights would now take!

Ah, this is become of the Princess Bride quest. We've put in a fix that will retroactively fix the issue in the release that'll be coming up in a few weeks, I'm sorry that you encountered this! If the bug is preventing you from playing the game further feel free to send your save file to me at and I'll get to it when I can! We hope that your experience with Harem Collector has otherwise been enjoyable!

Hey, sorry that you hit this bug! If you still have this issue, you can wait for the song to end normally the quest will proceed as intended. There was a bit of a bug in the most recent version that made the 'done' button not work right, we've mostly fixed the issue so that it will work again in the upcoming release, though you'll have to wait a few seconds. Hope this helps!

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Thanks for your report! I'll look into the matter and have it resolved by the 0.43 release at the latest.

Ah, apologies for the delay, are you already a Banneret as that's one of the requirements to start the "Get Dumped" quest! If you are and can't seem to get the butler to show up then yeah, please email your savefile to me at and I'll see what I can do!

The quest being referenced is part of the "Kellos Invasion" questline, so you'll need to be up to date on that questline to start it! I'm not sure when the version you last played was, but we added in the quest "Immortal Kombat" back in the 0.41 release so you'll have to complete at least that quest before the Dark Wanderer will show up. If you've completed "Go for the Throat" already you can begin "Immortal Kombat" by ending the day, if you haven't then completing "Go for the Throat" should be all you need to start "Immortal Kombat"!

There are plans for sequels, which will continue the story of Hero, and allow him to eventually attain that holy number of harem girls. However after HC, we will be undertaking a different project, and finishing that before returning to the HC verse.

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If I may, while I understand that you hold yourself to a high moral standard and do not want to engage in these actions it's important to remember that we're all human out there, and it's very unhealthy for most people to hold themselves to a standard of perfection. To these people being able to have an outlet for these emotions that is safe and doesn't harm anyone directly can do wonders in helping them be able to accept themselves, deal with their emotions, and continue to live in peace with those around them. While I get that the game isn't for you because you can't stomach such actions being forced on the player, it is important for us that 'Hero' is a character all of his own with his own personality in a world that's not the best place to live, and while to a player he can fulfill various fantasies (you'd be surprised at how large our female audience is, both inserting themselves into hero's perspective and those even inserting themselves into the perspective of someone in the harem), the Alina scene in question helps serve to make it very clear to the audience that the story won't always go how they want and if they're not willing to explore the sort of character who Hero is that now is a good time to get out. That said, we'll talk about some if we might be able to make the description of the game a little more clear about what it is, but I can't promise much as some of the sites we host on are a bit more strict with the description of the game than the game itself.

Also, a bit of an aside but I do feel that I've got an obligation to point out to you that Renryuu has plenty of actions in it required for the story that would not fit your viewpoint, such as lying about your identity to seize political power over a sovereign nation, carrying out unjustified wars, having sex with women under false pretenses, having sex with employees, and killing others who happen to be in the way of your goals. While you may be okay with these certain things, I think that it's important to point these out as it feels like your viewpoint is inconsistent, having dealt with some instances where that's been the case myself I thought it'd be good to advise that maybe you reflect on why you're okay with Renryuu having these things but not okay with Harem Collector having it's morally reprehensible actions as understanding why one is okay with you but the other isn't is an important step to understanding yourself and being able to voice your thoughts effectively!

Sorry to hear that you didn't enjoy the game, hope that you find games that you find more games like Renryuu which you enjoy! If there's anything in the game or on our page which lead you to believe that this game didn't intend to make use of it being fiction to go into some more morally reprehensible actions feel free to let us know so that we can look into them. We understand that our game isn't quite for everyone and so we try our best to try to make it clear what people are getting into from the outset (which is a big reason for that disclaimer about what we do and don't endorse at the beginning of a game).

We're glad to hear that you enjoyed it!

As things stand, between the quantity of text in the game, and what we'd have to go through in order to replace the text with other languages I'm afraid that we're not looking to do any sort of official translations. When the full game is complete we do plan to publicly releasing it in a state that's more easily edited so it'll be possible for anyone who wants to, to translate it themselves!

Ah, the building with that you need the password for in the Northmarket Slums is resolved by doing the rest of the quest associated with it. The main part of the quest is located in the wealthy district right next door to your mansion (if you've advanced far enough in the appropriate quest). If you're having trouble getting in despite the quest telling you to, then you may want to buy a pyrobrew (can't remember which bar sells them, maybe the Southport one after an upgrade?)

The phrase book does have a few uses in the game, but as things stand there's no way to fully translate Chimei's dailogue or a few of the various accents in the game.

Yeah, the game is still in active development! We're getting pretty close to the end of the story quests in Harem Collector, but there are still a lot of love quests that we'll be working on adding into the game after we've finished the story quests!

Interesting. We've had a few people report this bug before, if you're still experiencing it could you send a savefile to me at so that I could look into it further?

A lot of the more generic NPC faces are base RPG Maker assets, the faces that you'll see for a lot of the main characters (but we're trying to move away from) were created in a flash program called 'Erangot's Character Machine', and the rest were hand-drawn mostly by our current artist SacB0y!

Yeah, it's been something that we've been meaning to do for awhile. It can take awhile though because there's always something more that we want to do. If any quest descriptions in particular give you trouble feel free to report them so that we can try to look at those quests specifically sooner!

No, they're the same thing. The difference is that the exe is the 'full' game, while the zip is a way to update your existing game to the latest release if you have already downloaded the game! Hope you enjoy!

I'm not sure, you might want to check your internet to make sure that it's not disconnecting a lot.

Ah yeah! I used to have the issue occasionally with my laptop, when it started acting up what I would do is shut down my laptop, clean it for dust, let it cool off, and then when I turned it back on go immediately to the game. Stuff like cleaning off junk files or closing programs can help some but the most effective ways I found for dealing with a slow computer is to let it cool off and clean it for dust.

Sorry that the rain animation doesn't help, I'm still looking into ways to help make the rain be more friendly to computers that have trouble but it's getting a lot harder to recreate issues like yours ever since I got my new computer, so knowing what does or doesn't help is more difficult.

The game is very much still in development. I will say that you will not get a full 151 girls within the scope of HC1, though we do plan to add in another harem girl in the upcoming 0.36 release so look forward to that.