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press f1, see if you changed your controls. Also check a keyboard tester to see if your keyboard is functioning properly

Are the buttons not working on android? Because the speed change isn't tied to a specific keyboard press, it's tied to an internal button in the engine, which is then mapped to the keyboard, so if the emulator has those mapped it should work just fine, if the emulator doesn't map the special buttons you might be out of luck

Uploading the .2 release now

It is good to be back, We look forward to more versions of HC as we get closer and closer to the final release!

somewhat irrelevent now that 49 is out

conash is working on this

sounds like it might be a bad download. Re-download and install the game from one of the other sites  (or here) that we host the game on. our official website, gamejolt, or here at itch

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please send your save file to
or join our discord

this will be fixed next release

go talk to the shop girl in the elven village.

a new shop girl was added this update, and you need all the shop girls in order to start the quest, go check out the elf village.

end the day, this should fix it.

you can actually extract from the exe without running it, it does allow you to use winrar etc tgo extract from it via right click menu

whats the last thing you did before you the lost the ability to make and screw with saves

thats a new one....try entering and and leaving the feywoods and coastburg to see if that fixes it

there is a bug fix on our discord!

december 9th is next update

join our discord, (link  is a few comments down) where we have some possible fixes, new release might also be coming soonish with bug fixes

can you join our discord? we have some files there that might fix your issue.

are you on 48.5?

Are you in 48.5 that update fixes the swimsuit, and should also fix audio

saves do not automatically move over, you have to copy/cut and paste your misc data, replay, and save rvdata 2 files over to the new folder 

hey would you mind joining our discord? you could post your save file and we could have look, this is a known bug but we have struggled to fix it due to it being hard to consistently recreate

Also, I am told that bug is hard to reproduce, and if you try the fight again, you should be able to complete it

Romeopapa is correct, you need the folder, even if it is empty, this should allow you to start the game

well, generally new updates just allow you to move your saves over, if a quest was badly bugged you may have to restart that quest, but luckily we have an autosave system. The softlock in are you afraid of the dark is fixed in 48.5 by the way.

there is not, unless you wish to use the new game + feature, or restart tour game.

try swapping to 48.5 there weere SEVERAL  bug fixes introduced in the patch

so i sincerely apologize, but when we changed who runs this there was an issue with the swapover, and I was not getting notification emails for comments...this has been rectified and you will be seeing prompt responses from me from here on out, now that I know this is an issue.

.6 update was uploaded, was some posting issues so it wasnt attaxched to the devlog, the devlog has been updated as well.

this was fixed in the .4 update, which I am uploading as we speak

this was a bug that would happen on easy mode, that made bosses with unique death conditions sometimes turn immortal, this bug has been FIXED in the current update, released today, which adds some new content to the game as well!

As far as this game goes, we have pretty much everyone planned out

They are different updates of the game, The princess update added content for princess quinta, and the bros update came after, and thus has all the content the princess update did, and more, including two new respect quests for gargan and kevin. However today they are both out of date, as now the horticulture update is live, including everything from the bros and princesses updates, along with fun new stuff like love quests for doll and chimei

This was a problem in the 0.44.4 release, update to the 0.44.7 release and this (along with a few other) bugs will be resolved!

This was a bug that occurred in the 0.44.5 release, update to the 0.44.7 release and it'll fix the problem.

This sounds very similar to a bug that we resolved in the 0.44.6 release, try updating to the 0.44.7 release and see if that fixes the problem.

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I've had this happen to me a few times, if I had to guess you probably didn't check the diary of the girl to the South of the Church, talking to the NPCs in that house isn't enough to progress the quest. It's easy to miss. Try examining it then see if that updates your quest progress!

uploading a new release today, see if this fixes it

thats what the time turner is for!