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Your instructions are "extract and run"...but you have a google docs download page with 5, FIVE, F-I-V-E, different downloads it wants to do, once extracted, the other 4 want to replace files, and in the end, none of it works. Don't you think you should probably explain things a little better? Even the readme is in Japanese so....what exactly is it that people need to do to get this to work/run?

Amazing, I like this game quite a bit ^_^ Glad to see an update relatively soon after discovering this gem

Thanks, I didn't care if there was, I just want to have myself in the proper headspace for some themes

Just checking before hand before I jump in, is this going to follow the same themes as your uh...valentines release?

Hey, if you can redeem her and actually sell her on being a friendly person if not friends in the future, I'll look forward to that. I'm pretty annoyed with her, but who knows, MC and her had literally weeks to deal with that anger, as the player, I've had like 5 minutes. Maybe I can let it go by the time the next update rolls around. Time will tell

Just because I'm curious, is watersports ever going to be a thing?

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I can see why she'd be popular, for me its kinda like...hrm. I dunno how to explain without spoilers. 

********SPOILER WARNING*********








In the case with her, I'm super submissive. Hate fuck/angry sex IS pretty hot, and the fact she *can* take a one-time thing she wants is again, something I don't mind. But her whole "fuck you, don't ever call me again, we're through"....that's it. Okay, you went that far, so door shut, never again. That's kind of a bottom line for me, so the ending of chapter 2 really disappointed me. I do fully want to drop her in the future, unless you can do some sort of amazing redemption arc for her, but in my case that is highly unlikely. *SHE* said she didn't want to talk or speak ever again, so that's on her. There is basically two choices I wish could be made: 1) Don't do the drugs, just follow Deb's example and be like "I'm not feeling it" although I get why it was necessary for that progression into the psyche (but I mean...second-hand high is a thing? anyway, I kinda wish there was the option to decline). The second thing is to choose not to forgive/text Emma, as far as I'm concerned she really sunk that ship there with how she ended it and somehow I have to make the move. It's a sour taste in my mouth, because even if I'm submissive and into femdom, I'm not exactly okay with forcing something that isn't there, and she was pretty out of line anyway.

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I found a bug. When Deb, Carl, and Oliva are talking to each other you have a timed choice option. The "Just leave" option has a timer, but the timer doesn't count at all, and when the conversation apparently ends, the "listen in and eavesdrop" option disappears, but then you can't progress at all, it turns into a softlock (EDIT: I re-loaded and managed to get it work. Something probably open a menu/the phone/something locked the game up, but I am not sure how to exactly reproduce what I did, but I did manage to finally find a way to progress. You might want to make all the phone/menu/skills/etc. options unavailable during timer choices)

Great writing, man you made me really dislike Emma. The fact she can piss me off to the degree I feel, I think is a show of great character writing. On a side note, you have an awful lot of typos

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Thank you for the response, I don't mind slow burns. The story/setup is intriguing enough to warrant it. I like set up and all that, fap games are great, but this is what I tend to really enjoy. As far as content, time will see, I have niche tastes, I recognize that. As long as its not like some devs who tack on a footjob or do a lesbian scene and call it a day, I'll be happy with a genuine route. Here's to your good fortune

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I personally just left patreon, but just discovered your game. It's too high-quality/polished to just get such abysmal support. Since Patreon is out, I'll at least support you here. I have no idea if this is my type of game yet (I only just started playing, 5 minutes in) but even if its not a game I'll like, I can see the amount of work put into this. I wish you good luck.

EDIT: (Hopefully there is a nice submissive route/femdom content and not just a bait scene or something like that)

This is unfortunate, but life happens. I actually really enjoyed your game so far and was looking forward to more. I wish you luck. Thanks for the game, it had some promise, maybe in the future if you ever get the urge to try again you can revisit the game or perhaps use the world's lore to build on a new one

Checking back on this after a...lot of months actually, anyway! I still always remembered and was looking forward to this! A couple questions:
1) BDSM (Sub & Dom, Optional) <----As in I can choose to be the sub even? I'd love to play a sub route

2) What does the premium version have that the free version does not? 

I have no idea when and if you'll see this, but I checked out your bug report forms and it shows handy little statistics, however, I really don't think its a good idea to publish/make visible all the people's emails that submitted bug reports to you for everyone with access to the form to see

Is there a way to access "real story" for this one? If so what/where do I do it? 

I think it does for sure, its looking to shape up real well, like the codex for the world building aspect. The characters are interesting, but its too early to start making judgments on any of them other than Thim, he's a douche. I'm sure you could redeem him, but I'm just as happy if you don't :P

I finished your other work recently, sisterly lust, and I tried the first episode of this, I'm honestly a fan and liking this, but I'll be darned if I play this again until there is more content that doesn't leave off on a cliff hanger. its great story writing, I'm too impatient for cliff hangers though Q_Q

there was no argument, don't worry. You listed your reasons, and all I asked was why, the only thing weird was it seemed like you misunderstood what I said (the tone of it), but its all water under the bridge. No arguments, I was just curious ^_^ take care and keep having fun

I am sorry, I actually only keep one save file, but that said, its super easy for me to speed through and do the stuff I did that play through, just give me a bit and I'll send it. Sorry, but it has weird little jumps, also my game might be weird cus I totally went the most boring route ever (I literally wound up with nobody). I'll send you the save of as the party starts, and if you just get to the point they go to sleep, you'll see the weird inconsistency

You said you want another guy, thats what YOU asked for, I asked, why? literally your next point is confirming that you were the one suggesting it...I don't think you read my comment properly...

I found a weird continuity bug? I've been really boring in my choices I guess (lots of days where nothing happens) but on day 28, the sleepover at james house, when James and the MC go to sleep, James sneaks out to be with ana, and MC wishes him luck, then instantly after, hes back in the room and Ana shows up and asks for both of them to come with her...? There are other little scenes like that, but I am not entirely sure yet since I am still just going through the game, will those ever be fixed/updated?

but why? you have all these different women, all cuties being fun to hang out with, wide range of personalities, but the idea to make it better is to go hang out with another dude? 

The novel is amazing, to be honest, its a bit sad to make a walkthrough because half the fun of reading VNs is discovering the new branches and paths...but I understand how that can frustrate some people, but just know that I really love your work and writing

Thank you for your hard work, appreciated.

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just saying, the character story says he wants 151 harem members, the dev isn't making the claim there is that many. game could stop at 32, considering that just because that was his goal doesn't mean it was the outcome. 

okay, so I bought this, 5 dollars, there is literally no instructions or anything? what do I even do? also I could have gotten a better  version on paetron for free? can you at least tell me controls or something? 

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np, glad I could help Edit: wow, I am sorry this took like a month to get to you Q_Q 

Just curious, how much femdom is in this? like, any? more than a single scene?

its locked, but you don't particularly need it. Just focus on getting the bar/decking it out with some investments (at the end) and I won't spoil, but you could also just do kail's story line as much as possible. 

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for maria, just eat her out a lot and for android, you need to unlock her femdom mode which requires...I am not entirely sure, I got a scene where I took her to the hot springs and the activated it, but I am not sure what triggered it. just eat them out a lot.

I also never got this error, then again I keep using the controller. I didn't actually know I could use multiple powers, they are ALL my left button and the powers only ever worked during the missions associated with them, otherwise I shoot my sling shot.  I wish I knew other powers work in other areas, that would have made more parts of the game easier... 

wild mushroom risotto 

This may sound stupid, but how do you nudge on a controller (or at all really)? it says lb/rb, but I have yet to get it to do anything, at least nothing noticeable. the nudge window seems really small, and whether I rapidly press the button or hold it down, it really doesn't seem to change anything....

ok, I see your problem here, and its not Baelstriker's fault (or yours for that matter) its not ON the quest and its not a quest you get in the guild. just go in the caves, it will randomly happen, you'll find a left for dead alchemist, that will give you the quest for it only if you find him, it will prompt you to go talk to the professor to confront her. This isn't a quest you get from guild, its just a story one that develops if you find the alchemist corpse, which you wouldn't know to do if you are only doing all those quests in the woods. go and search the caves, it will be randomly on there some where, just clear them out. (truth be told, I found it super quick, its probably within the first 4 tiles)