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just saying, the character story says he wants 151 harem members, the dev isn't making the claim there is that many. game could stop at 32, considering that just because that was his goal doesn't mean it was the outcome. 

okay, so I bought this, 5 dollars, there is literally no instructions or anything? what do I even do? also I could have gotten a better  version on paetron for free? can you at least tell me controls or something? 

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np, glad I could help Edit: wow, I am sorry this took like a month to get to you Q_Q 

Just curious, how much femdom is in this? like, any? more than a single scene?

its locked, but you don't particularly need it. Just focus on getting the bar/decking it out with some investments (at the end) and I won't spoil, but you could also just do kail's story line as much as possible. 

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for maria, just eat her out a lot and for android, you need to unlock her femdom mode which requires...I am not entirely sure, I got a scene where I took her to the hot springs and the activated it, but I am not sure what triggered it. just eat them out a lot.

I also never got this error, then again I keep using the controller. I didn't actually know I could use multiple powers, they are ALL my left button and the powers only ever worked during the missions associated with them, otherwise I shoot my sling shot.  I wish I knew other powers work in other areas, that would have made more parts of the game easier... 

wild mushroom risotto 

This may sound stupid, but how do you nudge on a controller (or at all really)? it says lb/rb, but I have yet to get it to do anything, at least nothing noticeable. the nudge window seems really small, and whether I rapidly press the button or hold it down, it really doesn't seem to change anything....

ok, I see your problem here, and its not Baelstriker's fault (or yours for that matter) its not ON the quest and its not a quest you get in the guild. just go in the caves, it will randomly happen, you'll find a left for dead alchemist, that will give you the quest for it only if you find him, it will prompt you to go talk to the professor to confront her. This isn't a quest you get from guild, its just a story one that develops if you find the alchemist corpse, which you wouldn't know to do if you are only doing all those quests in the woods. go and search the caves, it will be randomly on there some where, just clear them out. (truth be told, I found it super quick, its probably within the first 4 tiles)