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He's been offline on everything it seems

im guessing something happened to him IRL

i hope to god that isnt the case  :(

Yea. But it could just be some Money issues or moving, or his computer died

or that somehow his computer went haywire and he needs to get a new one but just doesnt have the funds to do so


Dear friends. I’m just as you are concerned about the loss of our main developer and plot writer Maxiess. For half a year he does not get in touch with the messenger and social networks. Previously, he was also lost for one or two months leaving for the farm. I don’t know what to do with the project, I completed the sprites, backgrounds and GUI and other little things, but without writing a story it makes no sense to spread it. I am just as you are concerned about the current situation and I apologize. by Hroft32

I completley understand! all we can do is sit and wait. It isn't ideal but its okay, I feel bad for the other developers (you included) though, as mentioned you finished your side of the work and it must be unsatisfying knowing that it's not being used.

Okay i saw the email "Reply From Maxiess" and i kinda flipped. but yea i understand. Hopefully all is well or getting better. thank you for the update.

Hello. With loss, you mean... He's no longer with us, or just disappeared? I'd like to talk you in private, there is a way to have conversation between us?

only through this is my account, would you please send me a pm? Thankyou very much for your disponibility