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only through

Dear friends. I’m just as you are concerned about the loss of our main developer and plot writer Maxiess. For half a year he does not get in touch with the messenger and social networks. Previously, he was also lost for one or two months leaving for the farm. I don’t know what to do with the project, I completed the sprites, backgrounds and GUI and other little things, but without writing a story it makes no sense to spread it. I am just as you are concerned about the current situation and I apologize. by Hroft32

Thank you! I will fix the bug you found.

Thank you! Hope you enjoy the new update.

Eu desenvolvo melhor de madrugada, mas ainda não dormi haha

Rapaz, espero que você não tenha ficado ofendido quanto ao seu post, ele vai ser muito útil pro projeto! Mas não dava para manter ele aqui nos comentários .

Sim, ainda estou desenvolvendo a história, gasto mais tempo rescrevendo coisas do que escrevendo coisa nova haha, mas ainda tem muito por vir.

Tem um Russo e um Norte Americano me ajudando com o projeto, dei muita sorte!

Meus desenhos são terríveis, os primeiros servem só pra rir, mas ainda to aprendendo tb.

I believe these bugs are fixed in this new update, please tell me if they are not, or if you find more bugs! 
The game would be no fun without some deaths!

Hi Mukjz! Thanks for the biggest review I have ever received! Sorry for the grammatical errors, my English is not very good, but Sean from Ottercorrect Literature Services is trying to fix it (Poor boy, it's a lot of work).

The project still has a long way to go and it has a lot to improve, but we are working on it! Hroft32 is saving me with the drawings, none of us are professional, but he has a lot of potential, while I should return to the stickman drawings hahaha. Hroft32 is also responsible for the Russian translation, I am from Brazil, I do not know anything about Russian.

The android version is still a problem to be solved, I believe we will need to make a different code especially for it, a bit of work but not difficult.

Implementing the date is a good idea, worth a try.

There will be sex scenes in the game, I still need to work the story to lead to this, but I can say that it is not far from happening XD.

I really appreciated everything you said, thank you very much. Let's work on improving every topic you have!

The new update is now available, I hope you enjoy the changes!

He is in need to show something good, or everybody will hate him! 🤣

Thank you! I also think Jean cute and guess we all need a Daddy hahaha.

There is a new update available, please, check it if you have time!

Next update by the end of the month!

Thank you! Next update by the end of the month! XD

Basically in the maps you need to go after him, and when you have to make a choice you guess what would  please him. A tip is he don't like to wait and don't like to have his invites denied.

The game still in development and has a long way to go, still don't have any major "interaction" between the characters. But it might have soon.

Hey NexusDarius!

 We change the letter type for the next update to see if get easier to read all the text.

I have not giving much attention to George in the old updates, but slowly this will change, and with him you will be able to know more about the academic life of the player. I am happy you are enjoying the story, I know still has a lot improve tho. 

The character appearance and animation is Hroft32's work, he is doing some amazing job in this project. 

I enjoyed reading all your post, no reason to apologizise about the size of it, and my english is not that great either, Sean are carring the weight to fix it for me XD. 

Thank you from Brazil!

Thank you so much Mr. Kaos! Believe or not the Lead Scientist will be a dateable character hahaha. I am happy to hear you are enjoying the game!

Thank You! Soon there will be a new update.

Thank You! XD

We do the updates in the last day of the month. 

Спасибо за теплый отзыв. Возможно где то остались ошибки с местоимениями "ты" и "вы". Но я старался сделать общение персонажей более формальными в начале игры, а позже более дружественными. Жан как самый скромный, ему сложно перейти на ты и он общается на "вы". А Джон, сразу пытается "доминировать" и как то тебя вывести из себя, указывая на твою неопытность, по этому он может и грубить, обращаясь на "ты". Ну, может я и сам пропустил где-то какие то моменты. В следующих апдейтах перевод будет гораздо улучшен. Уже со следующего, будет полный перевод имен и кнопок в меню. Спасибо еще раз за положительный отзыв)

by Hroft32

Thank You! About the grammar mistakes, Sean is fixing it for me since I am not a great english writer.  The game is in development, still a lot of space to improve. Your feedback is really important! Hello from Brazil!

I see, even so, I will add more options to the next update, to avoid these kind of problems. 

Thank you!

Can I ask witch plataform you use?  Windows, Mac or Andorid? Because you are the first one reporing this problem! But I will give more download options for the next update.

Thank you, I think John is everybody's favorite path, I need to make the others more interesting XD! There's  plans to human charactes, but I can't say for sure when it will happen. Next update by the end of the month, I hope. 

Hey! Thank you, glad you enjoyed! By the end of the month will be another update (I hope). Greetings from Brazil!  

Thank you so much! It makes me really happy and give me motivation to keep working!

Hello guys! I am Maxiess and I came to present my project, Sean and hroft32 complete the team,  B101 is a homoerotic visual novel made with Ren'Py, that puts you in place of a newly-graduated commander who gets sent to a secret base in a frozen desert. Why they've sent you there is a mystery, and it will test the loyalty you have to your nation!

The game still in development, so I apriciate all comments, criticism, and praise to improve the project.

If I got your attention please give it a try! Click here to visit my page!