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pretty fun story with decent 3D models.  I would love this game more if there was just more content, updates happen at good intervals but there's just not enough content in them to keep me coming back. I will probably abandon this project and come back in 3-4 years when there's something more for me but right now its a very limited and slow-paced narrative. 

Have you considered expanding this project further? like making some merch? I would totally buy an angus plushie.

I'm fucking screaming I can't. this is everything ever and I'm so happy this hasn't been totally abandoned. 

we do not know. They are taking a break but it could be over tomorrow or never. we just gotta wait and send good vibes so they feel passion again.

when's the next update? 

when's the next angus update?

i found my new favorite piece of furry art 

I already love it because of the art style. Can't wait to see where the story goes from here. So far its a bit generic but i assume it's just to keep options open.

I forgot to consider that these scenes may be part of patreon exclusives or something. If that's the case I'm sorry for being dumb but if they don't exist at all like I thought , then my opinion stands and these are missed opportunities 

warning potential spoilers!

I'm curious as to whether or not you plan to go back and add to existing routes or create dlc for this game. There's so much more that you could have done with each route and I feel like there's alot of plot lines that didn't really go anywhere. I know you've stated before that day 35 was to be the end of character routes but it really feels like there's alot of wasted plot, for example in dozer's route when spencer was getting a little too frisky with you on the couch nothing really came of it and i was half expecting a conflict or a game over bad ending where dozer and spencer fight or you have to end it with spencer. same thing with harold's route where richard hits on the two of you and even grabs harold's ass if you let him. I fully expected coach's route to involve some sort of threeway with richard but i was disappointed to see you were only teasing that possibility. it really seemed like there was more planned for these situations but they were abandoned before they could become more.  I would honestly love to see these type of things get a little more fleshed out. 

by the way i would totally pay an arm and a leg for DLC that adds a three way with coach and richard or with spencer and darius at the club.

will there ever be nsfw content?

precious baby I just wanna listen to his tunes and pet him

Thirst 100

thank you, I always seem to forget about the mitochondria. I'll keep it in mind while photosynthesizing.

haida had failed but you did their work for them with this comment 

thank you so much I'll do it tonight.  if you don't see another comment from me it means it worked. 

I am in love and yet pissed that I found it at this point in time cause now I have to wait for more :( I wish I could forget about it and find it again later when there's more content cause right now I'm dying for more and it's torture not getting to see more.

jun is a precious boi and I love him 

this isn't fair, why must you tug at my heart strings with such brilliant writing, ambient music and beautiful art? I'm incredibly saddened that this novel is still in its early stages of development. had I remained ignorant for longer I could have accessed this masterpiece at a stage where it is more complete. sadly I've been condemned to eagerly waiting for future updates. I knew I should have kept that time machine

I don't mean to burst your bubble but wasn't this month's update cancelled to make time for Richard's route prep? I'm not on twitter or patreon tho so correct me if i missed an announcement.

less than a month for that rumored return date. I'm excited :3

currently trying to forget this project so I can experience it for the first time all over again

I'd like to add that waking up and being ok with it is not enough to justify taking advantage of him while he slept. we still entered into his room saw his sleeping and decided touch him inappropriately without his consent. It's following the same logic that " it's not rape if you like it"  which is a bullshit argument because yes it's still considered rape if you did not give prior consent no matter how much you enjoyed it.  taking advantage of someone who's drunk, high, asleep, or otherwise unable to properly give consent in a proper state of mind  is always wrong and frankly disgusting. 

I've stated this before but I'm gonna do it again. Rein's sex scene was not ok. We as the main character literally took advantage of a sleeping rein and though it's fiction it's still rape and it shouldn't be portrayed in a positive light. If you are reading this devs please rewrite the scene to have rein wake up before anything sexual happens or have rein give the main character consent to touch him whenever prior to the scene. It's frankly creepy and deeply disturbing that everyone is just ok with a sex scene where we rape our potential love interest consent is important and even though this is a work of fiction and no one was hurt in the real world you should not be promoting this type of behavior. I love this visual novel and I want to see be great but as it stands I cannot support a work that displays such acts of nonconsensual touching and glorifies them. 

it's rape  cut and dry. consent was never given the subject was never even brought up beforehand we as the main character raped rein in his sleep and everyone was just ok with that? crazy

yo this is a better love story than twilight. it's funny and cute, sexy and erotic, tragic and emotional but above all else it's a gay furry masterpiece.

thank u I'm just dumb.

yo thank you for clarifying that my dumbass got march and may mixed up

so the rumors about this project returning yesterday were wrong huh? I wonder what's goin on with the creators, hope they're all fine.

there's merch?!!??

jesus christ the writing in this visual novel is immaculate. the character development and the dialogue both blew me away with how emotional and thoughtful it was. the ONLY flaw I can find is the use of cliché plot devices sometimes but it's honestly the best furry visual novel I've seen thus far. 

idk why they changed the art up so drastically but they really did my mans kouya dirty. other than that its a decent continuation of the story and honestly a fun revisit to a classic. I'd love to see someone mod in the original artworks tho ngl. 

also why did it go on break in the first place? it kind of worries me.

any news on if and when this novel is coming back? 

I hope all is going well with the creators. whatever caused this hiatus i hope it's not something too serious

It does make sense to do it in this way in the grand scheme of the game itself. it definitely builds a lot of hype for the release of Richard's route and if they edit the story a bit to exclude the teasing after his release it would be genius frankly. However in terms of coach's route isolated from the rest of the game it's a bit strange to tease something happening in the current route and bamboozle us with what's pretty much a "psych its happening over there with Richard  instead of here" 

love this game but ngl there's alot of teasing that leads nowhere. Don't get me wrong the scenes are all amazing, great writing, art, etc. However I was incredibly hyped when I thought there was gonna be a threesome with richard and coach.(especially when Richard got a handful of dat ass) I actually thought this was a way of telling us the player to find the route that leads to the elusive scene but after hours of trying I realized it was all a big tease. I wish you didn't get my hopes up.

RIP this game. and RIP flash

I'd like to add that I'm not trying to hate on this game, I think the story is brilliant and the character development is done incredibly well. in fact the entire game is beyond incredible I just have a problem with this scene in particular because it rubs me the wrong way to touch someone while they are unconscious.   

spoiler: rein's sex scene was not what I imagined and I really didn't like it. First of all I'd like to say that touching someone while they sleep is not ok unless consent was given previously, it felt really weird to go about this scene in that way and it really ruined it for me. Next the ending bit of "you were ok" also ruined the story line for me. I feel that it devalued all the progress you made with him. after saving rein's life and actually getting him to open up and be closer to you it felt like it didn't happen. I know these are creative choices and you were probably trying to maintain reins cold distant persona but I would really appreciate if you could maybe add a different scene later on that doesn't feature some shady sleep molestation I would really appreciate it.