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Yeah I think that there should be some info in the quest log? It splits depending on who you save but it should have a hint on how to save Logan too.

Woahh super hyped for the new build update! don't worry about how long it takes as long as we get some juicy content i'm sure everyone will be happy.  I fell in love with the story and art concept a couple of months ago so I haven't been waiting for this update long.

Good job love the game so farrrr <3

I completley understand! all we can do is sit and wait. It isn't ideal but its okay, I feel bad for the other developers (you included) though, as mentioned you finished your side of the work and it must be unsatisfying knowing that it's not being used.

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I think the developer said something a while back about Richard and other side characters being able to have possible romance options (or maybe just sex scenes) in the future once the game is finished. Not completly sure what was said word by word since I think they talked about it in December?

Wow! sitting here at 3 am, just finished the demo and I can't wait for the full release! honestly amazing work with the art and the story I was roped in from the start! keep up the good work <3

Damnnn im so impressed by this game! can't wait for the new updates, good job!