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I've got the game on Steam and tried asking there, but the forums are  surprisingly quiet. 

Does anyone know how can I bind the menu controls (arrows) to WASD and the Battle Menu to Tab? The settings allow to change character selection to WASD, but not the menu.

Also, is there an option for a more easily readable font? I've tried "Angel Fonts", but could not notice any difference.

The arrow keys cannot be remapped.

The only option for changing the font is to change the font angels use to match the normal dialogue font. No others can be changed.

Thank you for the information.

Could you please tell, do the dialogue options affect anything long-term? Is there only one ending? Does the general gameplay loop change significantly after Act 1?

Dialogue choices only affect conversations and there's only one ending.

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Thank you for the information.

Is there any chance for a "party attached the Sword of Fate to the car and rammed the mobs" mode or auto-resolving encounters where (party level => encounter level)AND(number of foes < 4)? In Act 3, the game was played by 1 macro (to activate all attacks and switch to the next set on repeat) and the only time when manual input was needed was with a Black Shirt and a Protect Me at level 8 and the input consisted of switching targets from the former to the latter after it was staggered (couldn't out-damage the healing otherwise).

If you don't want to fight an encounter, avoiding it is always an option!

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I might be missing some mechanics, but the car needs fuel and the party can be underlevelled for a boss battle, reliably leading to a defeat. Both, fuel and items, require ⛽P to get, thus encounters are not exactly avoidable but strongly encouraged (with Devil Clock on - late-game upgrades take quite a lot of materials), even if the only thing they consume is time.

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Hello again. 

I just wanted to say thank you for GITCL. 

I've finished the game and, if I may provide feedback, it would have been more enjoyable experience if it was a visual novel (the narrative, writing, and the story itself are good), even a kinetic one, or the combat and inventory management were limited to the boss battles. 

As is, GITCL lacked any form of roleplay or the player's agency (beyond the above-mentioned inventory management) to be anywhere close to RPGs (e.g. Pathfinder, Dragon Age, Baldur's Gate).