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Is there any chance for a "party attached the Sword of Fate to the car and rammed the mobs" mode or auto-resolving encounters where (party level => encounter level)AND(number of foes < 4)? In Act 3, the game was played by 1 macro (to activate all attacks and switch to the next set on repeat) and the only time when manual input was needed was with a Black Shirt and a Protect Me at level 8 and the input consisted of switching targets from the former to the latter after it was staggered (couldn't out-damage the healing otherwise).

If you don't want to fight an encounter, avoiding it is always an option!

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I might be missing some mechanics, but the car needs fuel and the party can be underlevelled for a boss battle, reliably leading to a defeat. Both, fuel and items, require ⛽P to get, thus encounters are not exactly avoidable but strongly encouraged (with Devil Clock on - late-game upgrades take quite a lot of materials), even if the only thing they consume is time.

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Hello again. 

I just wanted to say thank you for GITCL. 

I've finished the game and, if I may provide feedback, it would have been more enjoyable experience if it was a visual novel (the narrative, writing, and the story itself are good), even a kinetic one, or the combat and inventory management were limited to the boss battles. 

As is, GITCL lacked any form of roleplay or the player's agency (beyond the above-mentioned inventory management) to be anywhere close to RPGs (e.g. Pathfinder, Dragon Age, Baldur's Gate).