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Hey, thanks for trying out the game. We're sorry to hear that you can't get up the foot. We tried on two computers but we don't have any issues.  

Were you playing with a controller? Cause some mouse and keyboards seem to give a bit of trouble sometimes. 

Also does the tank feel like it's driving rather slowly? You might need to build up enough momentum to get up. 

Hopefully, one of those can help do the issue, either that or its a glitch, but we hope that's not the case. 

Once again thanks for trying our game out!  We hope we can help you play through it. 

I'm using an xbox gamepad, and the controls are pretty bizarre. I have to use the start button to drive. It's supposed to be on a trigger though right? Are you basing the speed on how far the trigger is pulled?

Oh yeah the drive is supposed to be mapped to the right trigger, we used a ps4 controller, so maybe that has a different button mapping. 

The buttons can be changed in the Player Settings Dialogue box that comes up before you press "Start Game". The drive is listed as "Fire 1". The shoot is listed as "Fire 2" and the lock on button is "Fire 3" and the Hurt button (which allows you to absorb attacks for ammo when they get close to you) is listed as "Hurt".

We plan to update the page with the controls for both keyboard and gamepad shortly. So anyone can read. 

I don't think the speed was mapped to the pressure applied but it's worth a shot.  Hopefully it fixes the issue. If not, then maybe it'll work better with a keyboard and mouse, but you might still have to adjust the key mapping to have the most comfortable experience. Sorry for the inconvience. 

I will try those options and see if it helps.

Hey again, we think we found the problem. Sorry, it had nothing to do with your controller, rather since we had to custom code our own gravity to drive around the Randy Old Man, we unknowingly made it frame dependent, so your gravity was probably too strong (assuming your frame rate was high).  Thanks alot for bringing this to our attention. We're a bit worried that alot of people weren't able to play our game cause of this and we would have never known that this issue existed without your feedback! 

We think we were able to quickly fix it so if you're still interested in trying it out, you can redownload it, and let us know if the issue was fixed. Just in case, we might also upload a web version, as it might have less game breaking bugs in it. 

Once again your feedback really helped us out, L&R!

Aha! So that's what it was. I had actually managed to get past where I was stuck, but then stopped moving a bit further up the leg. I'll redownload the game with the fix and see if it helps.