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Hey again, we think we found the problem. Sorry, it had nothing to do with your controller, rather since we had to custom code our own gravity to drive around the Randy Old Man, we unknowingly made it frame dependent, so your gravity was probably too strong (assuming your frame rate was high).  Thanks alot for bringing this to our attention. We're a bit worried that alot of people weren't able to play our game cause of this and we would have never known that this issue existed without your feedback! 

We think we were able to quickly fix it so if you're still interested in trying it out, you can redownload it, and let us know if the issue was fixed. Just in case, we might also upload a web version, as it might have less game breaking bugs in it. 

Once again your feedback really helped us out, L&R!

Aha! So that's what it was. I had actually managed to get past where I was stuck, but then stopped moving a bit further up the leg. I'll redownload the game with the fix and see if it helps.