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I was planning to use the widget on my site (if I can keep it running) as well.

I personally think it would be much easier and intuitive for the customer to see something like this when purchasing the game, either on site or through the widget, instead of "guessing that there's this option for purchasing somewhere" too.


I agree with you but I don't work at Itch so I can't help you there. Frankly I think the chances of them adding support for a Brazil-specific payment method are pretty slim. You could get a similar experience on your site by having your own dialog that gives options for CC, PayPal, or Boleto, and then only opening the Itch widget if they choose a method Itch supports.

Maybe they could open room for letting devs add other payment themselves?

Many other countries may have their own methods as well. Giving support to every payment method available may be impracticable, but letting devs adding it to their pages and bearing the costs could be a solution.

I myself have everything I need to do this, except access to editing that specific part of payment options in my page. =/

Admin (1 edit) (+1)

Hello, admin here. It's not as simple as providing a button for a developer to add there. provides entire end-to-end integration as a store with purchase verification, file access levels, reward tiers, refunds, support, fraud, etc. For us to add a new payment provider we need to provide this level of integration into our system. We don't think it's a good idea to let a game developer to a button to something we aren't integrated with because consumers may not be aware that they aren't getting the same level of support when they select that payment method.

If you want to integrate with a third-party payment system or store then I recommend you add a link to that in the description of the page. That way it isn't part of's UI for checkout and there is no confusion about where the purchase is taking place. 

I hope that explains things.

(Regarding other payment providers, we do want to add more, but it can be a large overhead for us regarding payouts, taxes, fees, etc., so it takes time, thanks)

I understand your point.

My idea was to integrate all these things together with the payment method as part of at the developer end and responsibility, but I understand the risks it may involve for you.

Anyway, I would like to recommend this payment processor here:

Almost everyone from Brazil uses "Boleto Bancário" as payment method, I could say it's something in a "9 out of 10 ratio" of sorts.
It may be worth for you checking it. ;)

I want to keep selling only on from now on, but the majority of my user base is from Brazil.
My sales success depends entirely of this integration.

BTW, keep up the good work! o/

Best wishes,
Alysson L. Neto