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This game is amazing! Great combat aspects! The AI I think needs some work to feel special in terms of interactions with them, like they notice a door that wasn't opened before to inspect.etc just simple sub tasks like that would add a lot of personality to them. Maybe even aggression levels, intellectual levels involving of why they do subtasks maybe even sub routines that they play apart of per level that makes each level come alive sort of.

Not trying to say it needs more work and it isn't good, or trying to be the know it all how it should be when it's your game it's great and I could imagine it being more interesting (EDIT: for me) in all sorts of ways. It's a game I don't think many could really grasp the atmosphere of, you definitely have a talent for game development.


The AI is in a constantly evolving state. As of right now, they actually do have different aggression levels, vigilance, etc., but it's fairly subtle. Eventually I'd like to find new ways of making the AI seem more lifelike, making their daily activities more interesting, etc. But I have to prioritize other aspects of the game for the time being, since it's basically "good enough" right now, and a lot of the improvements I'd like to make wouldn't have a major effect on gameplay.

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Good reply. I couldn't agree more that the AI aspect isn't something that needs primary focus. Sorry I got ahead of myself and stated that the AI needed work because I love the characteristics of them and see a lot of potential in how you deal with AIs. Thank's for your feedback it was much appreciated.

I realized after playing again a feature for more destruction that also depends on strength. Like breaking windows, maybe axing down a wall over time depending on its material. I know you're working on a lot right now, just a suggestion.


You can actually do that with certain walls right now. For example, a gorilla can knock down wooden walls and destroy windows with a sledgehammer.

you can break broken Windows with a sledgehammer tho

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Feel like windows need more play involved, maybe you could also find a way to get through a window. Considering windows are glass, could be possible to make it so you can enter broken windows with a bleeding effect or damage taken. Maybe be able to use an item to safely enter. Or clear the glass, just interested personally in that sort of thing.

EDIT: And also would be cool for perks to be role specific as well. Not limited to just those perks ofc. Maybe you could be able to stack perks as well, like werewolf perks (+ more role perks) + regular perks. Not trying to get overpowered, but maybe it could require role tasks to be completed for you to get those role perks? Or maybe an upgrade to that role perk?

Perhaps perks can have upgrades as well, having level requirements aside from special perks. Werewolf Level 1, Character Level 1 maybe, or just combined for simplicity. Rank 2 Knuckles.etc

6 edits?! Dang! Yeah I suck at spelling as well, Ranks should like I said earlier require levels. Like Rank 2 of a made up example "Beastly" of the Werewolf perk. Requiring level 20 Werewolf/Character and same for regular character perks.

There is actually an item that allows you to pass through a window, i believe it is called a glass cutter, i recieved 3 from a quest