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The 32-bit version is available as a paid version.



Winners have already been announced, sorry

When out of early access, maybe. Now, Steam only.

Pretty much -- Most of my time since the previous version has been dedicated to doing stuff for the Steam release.

See here!


It will be $14.99, and there will also be a launch discount.

Yes, in fact it's coming to Steam on Friday March 10th!


Were you able to run the game before? If it didn't run at any point, I'm not really sure what the issue could be -- probably something with Unity. Searching for Unity problems with your setup would be a good place to start.

Nope! Gotta earn a living.

There will be one more update to this version in the coming weeks, but the bulk of the new stuff will be in the Steam version, which will be out on March 10th.

Actually the 10th. Need to fix that.

Also, it will blow your socks off.

I made some changes to how it detects gamepads in one of the more recent betas. Try this and let me know if it works any better: http://streetsofrogue.com/sordownloadsbeta.html

Tutorial? It's coming!

Character creation will definitely be in the game at some point.

Thanks for all the video love!

Haven't read my email submissions in a few days, but Necromancer might make it into the game -- at the very least, a Necronomicon item is already functional in my code.

Check the store page on Steam :)

Nope, everybody gotta pay. Sorry. It'll be worth it.

Hold tight, big things are in the works...

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$5? Naaaah, I gotta eat. $12 to $15. It's a big game. You'll get your money's worth.

Not sure if I'll have map making, but definitely some kind of mod support!

Nope, but it won't be pricey either. Glad to have your patronage!

Not sure when genie will be added, but it'll happen. Same goes for robot character!

There will be a bunch of new ones. What will they be? MYSTERY.

It's already out. Still got some major issues but it's better than before.

Yup, dat multiplayer. Workin' on it!

Just to let y'all know, 15b7 is crap and doesn't work right. I'll be releasing 15b8 in a bit.

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Little naked man, everybody's fave!

I'm not familiar with your system setup, but it sounds like an issue with Unity. If I were you, I'd search around online and see if other people are having this sort of issue with recent Unity titles.

Kickass, nice work yo

Ya never know.

You'll seeeeeeeee.

Sorry, no cars. Saving that for the (hopefully) sequel.

The matchmaking list can be flaky and doesn't always show all the games going on. Seems to be a region thing. Looking into fixes.

The "official" place for it is http://streetsofrogue.tumblr.com/ but I'll be keeping itch and gamejolt updated with the latest stable builds.

Bunch of stuff. Unlocks, etc. You'll see next year :)

Not sure how much customization the home base will have, but it would be cool. Depends what I have time for.

No cars though, sorry. If this game gets a sequel, that's first on my list.

2 bugs eh? What were they?

Yea shapeshifters got some problems right now. I'm on it.

Just learned that there are 3 data centers for Unity's matchmaking: US, EU, and AP. It just shows you the games for the closest one. But, in the next build I'm going to add a workaround that lets you choose your data center. Eventually this will probably use something like Steamworks...

Yeah it's just me coding this shizz.