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Baldi gone sexual

i like the Soundtrack!

okay. thanks

Early june. ist early August now :)

sounds great

will here ne decapping in the final game?

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it would be good if there was an "reset" button.

Btw what exactly is random?

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im jealous watching this game grow and me not having vr...

i know u were asked this 10.000 times, but do u consider doing an non- vr Version when the game is released?

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please.... CROWN ME FOR USING THE MOST KEYS IN LEAST TIME! https://puu.sh/vLQZY/ea18622813.png

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i know i was asking this a time ago, but when i asked, i thought you can put the controlls in a HTC vive motion

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is it possible to make a release for like a non-vr Version once this game is fully released (or before it) with like a Player model without htc vive and like Basic pc game Inputs?


5 fucks and 6 swearing words

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why do you Need to copy an game that you didnt make to use it for your own Things to get an good note?

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i just found out that you maked a game called "broforce"

nah. not everyone has 900€ for vr...


can Play it on windows

lel. i can Play it on windows

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you updated the Version 53 minutes ago. what was in it?

you can break broken Windows with a sledgehammer tho

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please, dont let it be a cristmas present ,-,

ist funny how some People write Like This to get Attention (i just saw that it is the same guy every time ( MaFiA_xGh0sT))

and ive just leard the Basics of Scripting in unity like the Basics basics

do you really think it has? check it out in the play store and download it


this game is good! but if they hear breaking sounds they always search the Player. could you make it like they are Hearing it but they dont know who it was that they choose the first one they see near the breaking Sound?


will gorn 2 get a non vr Version?

nice! and i guess some bug fixes?

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when Comes the next update and what will be in it? (you must'nt answer)

''if you sign up you have a Chance to get a free copy of the game''


i cant read their mind if they only stare at me...

funniest enemy death yet: i killed a slavemaster and he got throwen into a gun shop. the owner comes out: "hey! knock it of!"

best death yet: i tried to stop a gone crazy scientist with a bannana peel... i only had 5 health... what i did? i stepped on the bannana peel and died

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and hopefully a Version without vr too?

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i know i annoy you with my questions, but where did you learn to script something with unity or better where did you learn to do something with unity i only know the Basics like creating a Player or giving objects physics

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if this is a glitch, let it in! it Looks freakin awesome!

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like i said 2 other times: i love this game! but i have two questions:

  1. How did you get that wiggly effects like ich the enemy would like to Punch you and
  2. how did you get that dismemberment? it looks really cool!
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i ''looked'' at it because a youtuber letsplayed it and i tried to remove the vr plugin.