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Guys this is amazing!!!

Looks like you had fun working on those : )

I like it so much.

The use of heightmap for more interesting walls; the use of little goblins and bouncing animations; the us of red fountains for replenishing health (which I believe was the idea at the start (inspired by the diablo) but I've never told anyone); and chopping the sprites to create more interesting designs (The main character uses knights' heads and I'm like "ok..., kinda creepy",  but than I see the ogre boss, and he's using just ocrs as his armor XD).

Thank you to all of you! It's making my day; maybe the wole week : D

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Uhhh... this is going to be awkward. I just posted the link to let you know. 😅

I didn't make that video. I think it's best if you copy paste that on the yt video comments section. I'm sure they'd appreciate it from the man himself! 🙃

But some of these guys are here on

Have a nice day/week!

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oh! haha : ) not awkward at all, don't worry! sorry for misunderstanding; thanks for letting me know anyway : ) have a good day!