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Hey great you are using it as reference!

1. Import is almost done, not far away at all

Check out one of the latest tests (caution: slightly nsfw)

2. For now you can change the sky brightness to black, saving you some cutting out by using photoshop's select color tool.

but i do have the ability to save out as a 32 bit tga, i just haven't exposed that button yet, but may do in the future


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That 32 TGA alpha would be perfect for my needs!

Also glad to hear the model import option is already near complete. I'm excited!

On a side note. I would gladly pay for a "Pro" version that lets me export to TGA Alpha, save 10K or higher images, allow commercial use, or other specialized features that people like myself could make use of.

Look forward to seeing the updates!


You can press F8 or go to the Map tool and click 8K to save out a higher res screenshot. The only thing is, i dont think it captures the lensflare

I typically turn lense flare off anyway for what I do. So that works.

Just curious. Will the import option allow animation like the built in models?

I personally have no use for animation other than static poses. But I know people who do machinima who would be very interested in that.