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Installed on NES Classic and it throws error C7 which seems to mean it is incompatible with the default emulator on the classic. Now I don't mind losing 1.99 but its still annoying. Any fixes? Just following the guide you suggest does not work.

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Sorry fot that. Can you tell me if the game  "Crazy Climber" also throws this error? Or if any game on this link or this one works? Depending on you answer I can try a fix for that.

Another option is to install this module: , it's will run the game on another emulator and will probably  work.

Hey, thanks for the fast reply. OK I tried installing the Clover stuff and as far as I can tell that went in fine however it didn't fix Berzerk :( It got further and doesnt drop an error but it just stays on a grey screen and doesn't play the game. Tried both cores with retroarch. Will also reply via the email you sent.

I have uploaded an exclusive version of the game for the NES Mini. Thank you for your patience.

All works! Excellent port, feels like I am back in the arcade.


Hey there! I understand you're looking for a distributor for Berserk. If you're interested, please feel free to send me an email at and we'll get the ball rolling! 

The NES Mini version still falls apart badly when you exit a room or die - it slows almost to a standstill. Are there any particular settings I should be using when uploading it to the device?