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Does any Patreon tier gives access to it?

Sent you a message on discord

Hey Ballon Cart, do you accept commission? How can I contact you?

I really appreciate, Thank you!

Thank you for playing!

Thank you, really appreciate and glad to know that this game is being played all around the world

Thank you. I'm working hard on it

Did you unzip the ROM?


Thank you for the kind words 

Tive que tirar porque estava tentado falar com a CAPCOM

For sure

Not yet, I'll put it here when it's finished. Stay tuned!


Not yet. I have plans to do so, very soon!

I'm working in the boss right now. Soon we gonna have a playable demo.

Thank you 

Muito legal o vídeo. Obrigado pela divulgação.

I glad you liked

Programar para qualquer finalidade, principalmente pro nintendinho, sem saber inglês é complicado. Explico: o aprendizado é contínuo e intermitente; a maioria da documentação e tutoriais é em inglês e também a comunicação nos canais de troca de conhecimentos como fóruns e discord é toda em inglês. Aĺém do inglês, é interessante também ter uma base em programação. 

Há também outras opções de videogames retrô que são mais fáceis de se desenvolver como Game Boy (GBStudio) ou o Mega Drive (SGDK).

Valeu Man, não desisti não, só dando um tempo. 


i'll do my best to continue this

I'm glad you liked it

Thank you

I don't think so

I share your vision, that's why I started this project. It's a shame there are only a few of us out there. Anyway, I'll try to save some time next year to work on it.

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The box and manual art are not my property, so I can't share with you...sorry about it. But you can download the original one at . I hope you understand.

Hi! As it didn't got much interest I decided to spend my time in others projects. So it's currently on hold.

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I have plans for it. Follow me on twitter for any news.

It's a pity that we can't play this game on a real NES console. Anyway, if you change your mind, send me an email to

No problem, I think I can handle it. Do I have your permission to try it at least?

Can I port this awesome game to the NES?

I don't know anything about this emulator. If the original version doesn't work, your best shot is try the NES Mini version. Thank you.

Yes, that's the way. The mirroring is Horizontal.
For more info take a look here: and here:

You're welcome!

I have uploaded an exclusive version of the game for the NES Mini. Thank you for your patience.

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Sorry fot that. Can you tell me if the game  "Crazy Climber" also throws this error? Or if any game on this link or this one works? Depending on you answer I can try a fix for that.

Another option is to install this module: , it's will run the game on another emulator and will probably  work.

The arcade classic of 80's is back! And now for the NES and Famicom consoles!

Check it out!