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So hard! Great entry though!

Many thanks!

Hey guys, any chance of a version that works on the GX4000?

Amazing tunes, truly brilliant. I'd like to ask Rich if I can use a couple on my intro and BRB for my spectrum streams on Twitch, full credit given of course. Can I contact him in here? Is this his itch?

What a game, what a 3 game package!

Great to play, fun, fast and GAAAAAAHHH worthy like all Spectrum games should be.

Love the variety between all three games, really is worth playing all of them. Great job once again on the code and graphics and just pulling off that "one more go" feel which most modern games lack!

Hope my stream helps move some units guys.

Loved it!

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Absolute STONKER of a game guys!

Well worth! Fast, Fluid, Fun. Great controls and feeds "ONE MORE GO" cravings. Hitch rates a solid 9/10. Just how a Speccy game should be!

Seriously enjoyed playing... now to beat 16/18!

If anyone reads this and trusts this streamer then trust me again, buy the game. Its got more fun in it than all the modern games out there and its only 2 bucks!

Brilliant! My fave game on Spectrum, I still play today from tape!

Love that the source code is just there, in type :) Harks back to the golden age.

So good it made my hair rise to new levels so as the tides slowly drown the planet, this game and this game alone provides mankind with safe harbour!

Yes it really is that blummin' good. Buy it. Play it. Stream it (profile for my stream) and remember, jump on the hair to stay safe!

Bruce, brilliant job mate. Easily one of the best games on the incredible, and not brown, ZX Spectrum!

Fantastic tape guys, just wanted to compliment you on it. Love the green :)

OK, having now played this. Great design. Great look. Great gameplay. Great humour! Loved it mate, thank you so much for making games for old nerds like myself :)

Thanks for this, will be streaming it on Tuesday. Looking forward to it.


Absolute stonker of a game. Played the Amiga version for now, will get to Spectrum soon! Its Hard, Annoying. Fantastic. Love it :)

Hey there, does the NES rom version have actual music?

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Best of to all entries. Look forward to playing your games. Have fun!

Streamed this and loved it to bits. Very much JetPac as intended and just as much fun with possibly even better controls! I know, shocker but true IMO,

More speccy games from you please? Just do it, my viewers... say the man from delmonte, he say YES!

I sense an incoming stream of this :) Thanks for making games for the BEST 8-bit :)

I do not, but i got one question wrong... I said Brain! and I did miss some items. I have a VoD though :)

Really enjoyed this. Spectrum needs more titles that push what we expect from a Spectrum game and this is one of them. Very interesting, very playable. The guys on my stream all enjoyed it immensly too.

Thank you for making these games for my fave system :)

Had fun, even finished it! Kids game... more like Hitch game :p

Also had issues with Kempston, doesn't work at all on the questions so I went KB.

Thanks mate, enjoyed!

Really enjoy this one. Best game so far? Maybe! Thank you dude.

Difficult! 4 way stick would have helped me here. Good fun still

Great game dude, difficult but winnable. Loved it.

Thank you for playing :)

That room is dedicated to my best mate Hicks. He owns a B&B now and loves King so... Perfect :) Thanks for playing!

Thanks dude :) And ty for the youtube.

Quite possibly the greatest Spectrum game ever made. We waited 40 years for this! OK, joking but it is brilliant, ty so much to all who download the game, thank you for the donations to Safe in our World! Already breached 100 UK pounds!

Love the game too, really well done Dave and Nate, ty so much for bringing this project alive!


Seems to not work on a +2A guys, real hardware or emulator. Hope this can be fixed, would love to stream it on my +2!

Can confirm this does not work on a real hardware +2A or Spectaculator

Brilliant game. Takes the original and adds to it with all the Amiga can do over the MSX and throws in some bonus easter eggs.

Great port, great game. Thanks for this.

Wicked port.

I really enjoyed this one. Its very odd and very fun in short bursts.

Surprisingly addictive and very playable.

Absolutely awesome. Great job h0ff. Love it

What a game. This is what a port should be. Take what made a great game and then add to it to show the systems abilities off. Great music, great graphics, incredible gameplay.

Thanks guys, once again you make it a pleasure to play on my older retro systems.

Having now played and streamed it... Best game of 2021 on Spectrum? Probably. One of the best Spectrum games ever made? Probably.

Instant purchase! Will be streaming this today and I am sure I will enjoy it on my own for many days and weeks to come!

Thanks team, you have made 2021 much more fun with these epic releases.

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Toe Jam and Earl do Acid and throw presents at random veg! Come on, brilliant. This game is a literal drug and as such should be made legal in all states. Absolutely love it mate, thank you.