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hi, I'm angela. I like short games (like: 1 page to read, 30 min to play) and epistolary games (Quill is my inspiration). I also like dinosaurs, questionning social issues and empathy oriented things.

apparently, you extended the game jam until the 9th so I may be able to participate. Not sure yet. Maybe some people want to make a game in group? (create in group, play in solo, eheh). anyway, even if I don't participate, I'll look at your submissions. I probably won't play to each but I'll leave my humble opinion. ☺ I always try to be constructive without talking meanly  

if I say: let's create together a small solo game, who follows me?

[edit] if i write a game by my side, it should be a game in the Quill style, but with a twist: the letter has a real receiver (me or yourself) and the goal is to  explain what makes you want to play your game... while you're in fact inventing the game you're talking (you're inventing based on images and dice rolls/tables + your inspiration and mood of the day). The goal shouldn't be to really create a playable game, but just express clearly an idea that is still evolving. And I already have a draft of this idea, but it's currently nor playable nor showable yet... still evolving also !  

Quill is a cool game! I really like writing based games, and letter games are no exception. I would be really interested to see that idea expanded on :)