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I like the concept! It took me a few runs to work up the will to kill the shopkeeper, even after I'd already bought the pistol. He's just such a sweetheart!

Movement feels good and the art is easy on the eyes. The core loop feels grindy, though, especially if you want to get all the upgrades. I did, and it took me about 20 minutes to get to the end, with my best run being 43 collected coins. Maybe my route was just really inefficient? I probably could have gotten through it in half the time if I hadn't bought all those upgrades, which feels counterintuitive to me.

Anyway, nice work! If you ever do a Shopkeeper dating sim spin-off, I'll be here for it.

Thanks for playing! I hadn't considered that people would be hesitant to take that first shot. 

43 coins in one run is pretty good. There's definitely a balance to find in which upgrades you buy though. Finding a good short-range route at the start helps a lot too. If it's feeling grindy, I'll try to look at balancing some of the shop prices or other factors.

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The Shopkeeper can be kind of a jerk at times, though. He insulted PCs.