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Kevin Whitmore

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Thanks! It is increasing linearly. I'll have to tinker with the speed when I get a chance. Thanks for the feedback.

So my entry has a single action that you perform and it can be tied to a single button, but I think it would be nice for the players to be able to use any button rather than doing input remapping for a single input. Is this allowed? You can only use one button at a time and every button does the same thing, I just don't care which one you choose to use.


This was a joy to play. Everything's so satisfying and just feels "right". It's hard but not frustratingly so. Good job!

Challenge accepted :)

Looks great. Could be the base for something like a murder mystery game. I realized that your level generation is the first I've seen using 45 degree angles. Usually everyone keeps it squared off, but the angled paths look cool. Was that tricky to pull off?

This is a nice little game. Having to drop your current stack and catch the next burden is a good challenge.

Thanks for the video! I had some good laughs haha

I'm glad you liked it!

Ha, the trip counter was a nice touch.

Always more :)

That was a fun video! Thanks for playing.

Thanks for the kind words!

Thanks for the feedback! The grid walls are just there because I didn't have time to place obstacles for multiple paths the player could take. So it exists to funnel the player through the "interesting" parts. But yeah, putting a wall along the middle of a road maybe wasn't the best idea.

Hi, thanks for downloading the game! I've updated the download page to include installation instructions.

This is magnificent. Well done.