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Thank you for playing! Your kind comment brightened my day.   🐾 🏳️‍🌈

Hi! A little late, but I just added the .p8 file to the Download section on this page.

I didn't follow any best practices when making this game, but I guess that can be inspiring in its own way!

I had the same change of relationship to the dog when I was developing this. Thank you for playing!

Thank you for playing!

Thank mew for playing!

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I like the concept! It took me a few runs to work up the will to kill the shopkeeper, even after I'd already bought the pistol. He's just such a sweetheart!

Movement feels good and the art is easy on the eyes. The core loop feels grindy, though, especially if you want to get all the upgrades. I did, and it took me about 20 minutes to get to the end, with my best run being 43 collected coins. Maybe my route was just really inefficient? I probably could have gotten through it in half the time if I hadn't bought all those upgrades, which feels counterintuitive to me.

Anyway, nice work! If you ever do a Shopkeeper dating sim spin-off, I'll be here for it.

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Cute art and super chill music. Vers's design is so adorable, too! That kobold and its cave creep me out, though.

This runs fine on macOS using Wine, by the way.

Stylish! Great name, too. Are there multiple endings?

This is so evocative, I love it! It brought back childhood feelings of trying to break out into the wider world that I was convinced had to lie outside of the levels' boundaries.

The ending screen put a smile on my face, too. Thank you for making this. I hope you'll make more games in the future.

Wow, moving around in this game feels great! Good level design, too. I felt very clever when I found those last few parts. This is a lovely, snack-sized treat.

Aww, I can relate. Thank you for playing!

Thank you so much! That’s a good idea, I might do it if I feel like tinkering with the game some more.

That’s exactly what it’s meant to do!

To be honest, I struggled quite a bit to come up with stuff to do, but once I got the mud working I felt like there was something there. Thank you for playing.

Sounds like you did the 100% run! Thanks for playing.

Cute little game! I liked the rapid-fire iteration though all the different mechanics, and I'd definitely play a version that explored them more.

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This feels so polished! The particle effects you and your bullets leave, your buddy who picks up fruit for you, and especially that aim indicator at the top of the screen are all such lovely, thoughtful touches. The menu is also a great little introduction to the controls.

It's kinda hard, but I didn't find it frustrating. My (low?) high score is 30.

I liked this a lot, and it's really impressive as a first game. I hope to see more of your games in the future!

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Fantastic sound design! Inititally I was a bit put off by the contrast between the beautifully stylized fox and the very rudimentary level geometry, but once I got to the cave I understood what you were going for, and I think it works great.

That said, I didn't finish it. The bottomless pits just got too frustrating for me, and I stopped playing after I drowned for the first time. I assumed I could swim but spotted the moving platform just after I died. It would have helped to have been introduced to moving geometry a little bit earlier. I also found a secret earlier in the game, but mostly by accident, and I wouldn't go out of my way to look for more. The fear of getting sent back to the start is too strong.

Still, this is lovely! I'm gonna be thinking about that cave for a while, it really left an impression on me.

So pretty! Did you make the CRT effect yourself? It goes great with the pixel art. I also liked the varied music, but I found the controls to be a little bit stiff. That could be because I played it on a laptop keyboard, though. Still a lot of fun! My high score is a pitiful 208.

This runs fine on macOS! I think, anyway. I don't know what SONIC.EXE is, so I didn't really get it and it's possible something broke without my noticing.