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Fantastic sound design! Inititally I was a bit put off by the contrast between the beautifully stylized fox and the very rudimentary level geometry, but once I got to the cave I understood what you were going for, and I think it works great.

That said, I didn't finish it. The bottomless pits just got too frustrating for me, and I stopped playing after I drowned for the first time. I assumed I could swim but spotted the moving platform just after I died. It would have helped to have been introduced to moving geometry a little bit earlier. I also found a secret earlier in the game, but mostly by accident, and I wouldn't go out of my way to look for more. The fear of getting sent back to the start is too strong.

Still, this is lovely! I'm gonna be thinking about that cave for a while, it really left an impression on me.

First of all, thank you for playing the game and leaving feedback on it :D

I'm glad you liked the sound design ^^ That's one of the reasons why I suggest playing with a headphone, or a good stereo system :) I confess that I was a bit afraid of using basic shapes on it, but at the same time I had something in mind, and I'm glad that you understood it.

I'm sorry that it got frustrated. You see, I did it all by myself, and since it was part of a game jam, I couldn't really beta test it or alpha test it, so I couldn't tweak the difficulty of the jumps, and since I was the one doing all the testings, I kinda got to a point where all the jumping was feeling easy...

I do have a lot of ideas for this concept, and I already have some fixes in my mind for some of the problems that you brought me, like a small bell sound, or something similar close to where the secrets are located, so if you would be paying attention you would know that a secret was close by, changing the color of the water to red, so the player would know that it was dangerous, also, introduce a moving platform early on is a very good suggestion.

If I make a full game out of this, I would most likely address all those issues, improve the graphics, sound, redo the level, expand and would implement a checkpoint system too. Well, as it is, it's a prototype of an idea :)

A little bit of a spoiler here, that lake would lead to a dead end, where you would find another secret ^^;; if you notice, I kinda hid one of the platforms that lead you there in the dark.

Once again, thank you for checking the game :)