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Once again, thank you for playing it :) I've updated the game, and the last level should be easier now ^^;;

I'm glad you liked, specially the art xD Here's a comparison between the concept art and the final art for the main character, if you're interested in seeing it :)

Thank you for playing our game ^_^

Thank you for your feedback :D I'm really glad that you enjoyed it ^_^ If you liked the art style, you can check my initial concept art for the main character on my twitter :) And feel free to play it whenever you want :D

I'm glad you liked :D I will check your game later ^^ if you're curious about the concept art of the game, you can check my twitter ^^

Thank you :D I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

Awesome game :D Good job :D

Thank you as well :D

Loved your fan art :D mind if I share it on twitter? :D Do you have a twitter? You can check mine here: and you can see the initial concept art for the character there as well :) Thank you :D

Thank you for playing it :D And I'm glad you enjoyed playing ^_^ My personal best was 14 waves, but on the other comments you can see that there's someone who got to 21 o.o

I didn't get to play the sequel ^^ and yes XD we decided to go for a cute approach on the style XD if you check my other games, most of them are "cute" XD I do have more serious artwork tho, on instagram and deviant art ^^;

Oh, for Android, right? :) I'm glad that you enjoyed the game :D If you liked the art style, you can check a comparison between the concept art and the final artwork here:

Thanks for playing it :D And I'm really glad that you liked the art style :) I've posted one of the initial concept arts on my twitter xD you can check it if you're curious :)

Thank you for playing it :D I'm glad you enjoyed it ^^ 

Oh, I just noticed that you did play my game as well XD

No problem :) Glad I could help. By the way, I do have an entry as well if you want to give a try, it's also a top down game, but a different concept than yours :)

:D I'm glad you liked, and yes! That's the feeling that we wanted to achieve with the sword :D

I've played with the keyboard and mouse, and it was the web version.

I did try ^^;;;; but well, not very successfully either ^^;;;; when I grabbed the sword, it kept pushing me on the opposite direction, and so, for instance, if the sword was on the right side, I couldn't mode to the right, because the sword kept pushing the player. Also, when I got to the mob of monsters, they crowded me, and I couldn't swing the sword ^^;;;;;;;;;;;

I see ^^ Yeah, for that, the windows version is a lot better. :) On the windows version the mouse cursor is also different ^^ it becomes a crosshair :)

I hope that it was a good type of stress XD

I'm glad you enjoyed it :D

Oh, I'm glad you like it :) I will give your game a try later :D

By the way, how far did you manage to survive? ^^

Thank you :) How far were you able to reach? ^^

No problem :) Hope you can fix it somehow ^^;

Thank you for playing the game :) I'm glad you liked it :)

Thank you :D I'm glad you enjoyed it :D

The game has crashed as soon as I used this machine :/ the game and the music froze up.

Thank you :D 

I will place this project on a hold then ^^ There are others that I need to finish first :)

Thanks for the help. :)

Thank you :D I'm glad you enjoyed the game ^^ I would not like to work on that factory either o.o that's for sure xD Were you able to finish the game? :)

Awesome :D

Once again, thank you for playing it :)

And I'm glad that you had fun playing the game :D I'm specially flattered since I did all the art for the game ^^ (and those conveyor belts weren't easy to animate ^^). Were you able to finish the game? :) Did you have any trouble playing?

I'm glad you like it :D We've put a lot of effort on that game (and we also learned a lot of new things ^^). Thank you for trying out our game :) And yes, that was our intention xD to make it stressful in a fun way :) Were you able to finish it? 

Thank you for your feedback, and thank you for playing the game :) 

I do plan on update this game on a later game (maybe next week I will work on it). But it will be only a few tweaks, I'm not happy with the collision checks for example. And I will also balance the game.

Did you have any trouble with the difficulty? Were you able to finish the game? :)

I'm glad you enjoyed it :D

Thank you :D I'm glad you had fun playing it. Were you able to complete all the levels?

Thank you :D I still plan on updating this game ^^ I'm just busy right now with other stuff, but I should work on it this coming week :D

Thank you :D I'm glad you liked it. I had a lot of trouble making it, since I'm pretty new to GMS 2, I usually use Unity to make my games, this was the first time trying this engine ^^. I've checked your game, and I like it ^^ But there's just one thing that I would change on it... ^^;;;; the screen shaking is too strong ^^;;;; But besides that, I like your idea :D

Thank you :D I'm glad that you liked it ^^


Hmm, how do I join it? ^^

The sound could be something simple. I think something in the lines of the old Atari 2600 games would fit with your graphics ^^

Try finding a synthesizer or something. I think you could use something like LMMS, which is open source, or Brfx, which produces something more along the NES era :)

If you need help with it, just give me a shout ^^

Mud! Mud everywhere O_O

At first I wasn't sure about what I could do, but once I've discovered that if I stepped on the garden I would bring mud inside.. xD

Thanks for this short game about killing some time, it put a smile in my face :)