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Hello and thanks for this plugin i was looking for ! First of all, i want to know something, i dit some test with max at 10 in settings and i add items... so now my inventory is 20/10 and i still can add items, like no limit... no message... no stop... maybe i did someting wrond... i don't know... (for info i hav visuMZ itemequip and did not touch there)

is it a way to stop the add of items or simply the player cant move with a message "you are carrying to much stuff"...?

and is it possible to add the possibility to change all text ? because everything is displayed in english and i want to translate it... i know i can directly edit the .js but... 

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Hello and thanks for your interest in my plugin. You have to check if the player has space in the inventory before giving the item in a conditional script call using :

$gameContainers.checkPartyHaveSpaceForItem(itemId, amount);

The plugin does prevent the player from taking items from containers when they have no space. When you give items manually you should use the script call.

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thanks for you reply ^^ 

if it is an object givent by a npc i do the same ...?

cause i did the conditional script and it doesnt work...

I just tested it and it does indeed work.

well, can you please tell me what to change in my event... i'm not that fluent with english, i think there is something i did not understand in how to do it... :(