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well, can you please tell me what to change in my event... i'm not that fluent with english, i think there is something i did not understand in how to do it... :(

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thanks for you reply ^^ 

if it is an object givent by a npc i do the same ...?

cause i did the conditional script and it doesnt work...

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Hello and thanks for this plugin i was looking for ! First of all, i want to know something, i dit some test with max at 10 in settings and i add items... so now my inventory is 20/10 and i still can add items, like no limit... no message... no stop... maybe i did someting wrond... i don't know... (for info i hav visuMZ itemequip and did not touch there)

is it a way to stop the add of items or simply the player cant move with a message "you are carrying to much stuff"...?

and is it possible to add the possibility to change all text ? because everything is displayed in english and i want to translate it... i know i can directly edit the .js but... 

Thanks to your tileset :

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ok nice... thank you ! i did even more ! ;) there is sound with it... and if you are far you can't hear it :) (a friend helped me)

1st Script : Display the lightning randomly

var randomFrames = Math.floor(Math.random() * 241) + 60;


2nd Script : Allows you to hear the thunder from a distance; the closer you get, the louder the sound becomes

var playerX = $gamePlayer.x;

var playerY = $gamePlayer.y;

var eventX = $gameMap.event(75).x;

var eventY = $gameMap.event(75).y;

var distance = $gameMap.distance(playerX, playerY, eventX, eventY);

var maxDistance = 30; // La distance maximale à partir de laquelle le volume sera réduit à zéro

var volume = 90 - (distance * (90 / maxDistance));

if (volume > 0) {

AudioManager.playSe({ name: 'thunder9', volume: volume, pitch: 100, pan: 0 });


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Please, can you show me a screen of how to animate cloud_thunder...? i can't do it... i don't know how to make it animated...

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this is my edit of A2 :

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this is my edit of A1 :

Hello, well in world A i was wondering how to make a stone island and include lava... i think you didnt finish the part for stone and for lava... so i triied an edit and it works :) I'm proud of me ^^ but maybe you already add something to do it like my screen... if yes please tell me where in the tileset... because if you do an update of the tileset my changes will be erased.... :) 

i think i found it... but a lot of work is waiting for me ^^ 

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Hello and thanks for your work !

After the update of the winter tiles... i have a problem on my map... il let you see it :

i don't know what to do, there is a lot of it... :(

OK fine. Should work even if rpg maker is in french ? 

Hello, this tool seems to be wonderfull !!!

But... i need some info before going to purchase !

Do i have to put my game in english or can i leave it in french ?

if not,  can i write into the tool in french and then it will create items in french too ...?

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I didn't understand anything! But I found a solution: I deleted... thanks anyway

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Hello, i'm on Rpg Maker MZ lastest and some animations are not shown entierely... like the half down is not shown

i put all .efkefc into effects folder, and the folders pre-render and ressources too

Thanks 😉

Hello Hello

Maybe i didn't see them but it looks like there is no corners for castel walls...

Your work is soooo bad... so bad that i bought them all ;)

thanks again for your work, now i got all i need to continue my game (only winly and low style)

Perfect ! My overworld is finally starting looking nice thanks to yo

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I'm happy to have it... i can start to edit my maps... :) Thanks

can't wait to get the adds ^^ 

Hello... can you show pictures because we cannot see how it works compare to other ones... thx

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i saw that... i bought them anyway yesterday... i will redo my maps. because your tileset is really in the style of what i was looking for. thanks... i will wait for world map :)

but what the textures.png is it for ? where do i have to put it ?

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Hello, your work looks very nice, but before buying your tilesets I have a few questions...

- In the exterior pack, is there a tileset for the world map?

- I already have a project in progress that uses the default tilesets. Are your tilesets "identical" to the base ones? That is to say, should I redo my maps? Or are they the same tiles? whether indoors or outdoors? i think it is what we call rtp tilesets ?

Thanks for your reply

Stéphane H

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In just one word ? WONDERFULL !!! I'm so in love of these that i bought the PNJ pack... but some actors are missing (2_7 & 3_4, maybe more) i hope there will be an update when you'll have time... ^^