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In the latest version, networking functions such as "JoinNetGame" do not seem to work.

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IIRC, the multiplayer networking functions were removed when Blitz3D was open sourced as the underlying DirectPlay API was not supported by MSVC2017 (Blitz3D was originally built using 'classic'  MSVC 6). Plus, I think running a Blitz3D app that was built with DirectPlay support (ie *all* Blitz3D app's pre-open sourcing) caused an annoying 'do you want to install DirectPlay' popup on recent-er versions of Windows.

I've just checked and the source files are still in there so it may still be possible to build Blitz3D with multiplayer support again if you can get hold of the appropriate SDK files (static libs, headers etc) and they're compatible with the Windows SDK stuff used by MSVC.

But, to be honest, it's probably not worth trying as multiplayer in Blitz3D was never that great or even very well tested. I certainly don't remember any multiplayer Bltitz3D apps being released - please let me know if I'm wrong anyone!

Thanks for the detailed answer, I really appreciate it! I will just use an old version I found on

I'm still very inexperienced with Blitz3D, but I'm trying to recreate an old multiplayer shooter game that I used to enjoy playing. It was definitely good enough for that and I don't remember any problems.

But of course, being P2P, it brings a lot of negatives.

I too had some users, not being able to run EXEs compiled with 1.9n-ish version, due to unsupported "legacy" directPlay, even if not used by the EXE.

BTW. did you ever encounter the excessively slow line drawing command issue?, (like here on win10, dx 12, amd radeon R3). I wrote a substitute, but there may be a speed issue with dx7 2D in dx12. 

BTW2 I guess DirectPlay is not really required, as it can be substituted by TCP and UDP. Which I guess is what most people would do in the first place anyway.