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Thanks for the reply buddy!

Fleece looks really cool too! Reminds me of Twine! Watching the tutorial video, you use the set text method in your jumper class to do exactly as mentioned. 

So essentially, I’d need to find a way to read the data from Articy and set SuperTextMesh.text to replicate the text brought over from Articy, is that right? 

Is this essentially what your jumper class in Fleece is doing? 

Thanks for your help, I’ll be picking up Super Text Mesh on Friday when I get paid :) 


Yeah, you've got the idea! In reality, you don't need a class as fancy as a jumper (but they are very helpful for visualizing things and editing text on the fly). But if you can do...

TextMesh.text = Articy.whereverYourTextIsStored;

Then that will work with STM!