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Directly when I start the game, I see that screen and get a little bit of mangled, cut-off audio

hmmmm I think it might be the GPU since at the start the company video launches. Do you happen to have an Xbox One?

I do, actually. Quick question, does the messed-up audio connect to the GPU issue, or is there more than one thing wrong?

The start logo audio is purposelly distorted. So that's normal ;)

The start logo audio is purposelly distorted. So that's normal ;)

Anyway thanks for bringing the problem to our attention. Could you please write about the issue to so the guys in charge can look it up?

Sure, thanks for helping me this far.

Hey SquailWhale :). I am experiencing the exact same issue as you did and was wondering if you have had any luck sorting it out? 


No, sorry. I meant to enquire to the email but haven't yet, but I'll definitely do it now and see what happens!

Thanks :) if you do come across a solution, I appreciate if you let me know

Apparently, there's a problem with launching the game on Windows 7, what I'm running, and they're working on fixing it.


A-ha! racist developers... ;P

Yeah I'm on win7 as well, and to be honest I doubt they intend on fixing it

Thanks for the update :)