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Also, they had a whole confidentiality thing in the email, so I don't know how that would have worked out.

Sorry, I usually get notices on my phone for replies and something happened and I missed your comment :P 

Worked out how to launch the file eventually, it ran fine! I'll email this back to the other person and hopefully they'll update it to this eventually.

Actually, I was sent a file for the fixed version a few hours ago, and was asked to test it. I don't consider myself very efficient with computers, and I figured I might get a quicker answer if I asked how to launch the file on here. I've already extracted from the folder, but I'm not sure what what  to do from then on.

Apparently, there's a problem with launching the game on Windows 7, what I'm running, and they're working on fixing it.


No, sorry. I meant to enquire to the email but haven't yet, but I'll definitely do it now and see what happens!

Sure, thanks for helping me this far.

I do, actually. Quick question, does the messed-up audio connect to the GPU issue, or is there more than one thing wrong?

Directly when I start the game, I see that screen and get a little bit of mangled, cut-off audio

I'm playing on a Windows computer, it's had problems before, but generally only with running speed. It's not even close to a perfect one, so chances are it's just an issue with a virus of some sort that's been on here for a while. Sorry for the bad quality, I couldn't take a screen capture so I had to take a picture and raise the brightness.

Finished the first level and loved the game, and it ran fine until the most recent update, and now the screen is a green and black amalgamation of colors. Not sure if this is a common problem or not.

It shows the loading bar, but nothing other than the music and a black screen is there. It looks like a cool concept though!