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Alright I got it now! Thank you :)

Did you patch it on this website only? What about steam/other platforms? Is there a way I can access the patch? Thanks

I have the full game, no need for the demo.. I'll wait until you upload the patch to the full game

You were fast to fix but slow to upload the fix ;(

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Hats off to you guys! Turns out you had it fixed.. You are true heroes ^_^. It'd be great if you can make this file/patch available on your website or the platforms where it was sold such as Steam/Microsoft store/etc for everyone to download :) Cheers!

Awesome! Good job bro, you are the real MVP :)

Feel free to send me the file, I can try it myself :)

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Finding one shouldn't be too difficult, you'd be surprised how many of us are still out there :) Not too many games won't run on Win7, including Unity-based games as a matter of fact...  But I understand it may be something with their engine and a problem to fix. Perhaps you should contact them and call them racists. I appreciate the effort but honestly still doubt that you'll have it fixed. Be the hero and prove me wrong :P

Edit: I didn't see Whale's reply, maybe there is still hope hehe

A-ha! racist developers... ;P

Yeah I'm on win7 as well, and to be honest I doubt they intend on fixing it

Thanks for the update :)

Thanks :) if you do come across a solution, I appreciate if you let me know

Hey SquailWhale :). I am experiencing the exact same issue as you did and was wondering if you have had any luck sorting it out?