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The game has been quite enjoyable. I really liked the unique feeling of controlling the dagger.
Sadly I think, I stumbled upon an unwanted glitch which doesn't let me proceed, as a key that I was supposed to get, got consumed opening a door I had already opened. In this spot :Either way! Good work! I really enjoyed it~ At least up to this point!


yup, same happened to me.
sucks really hard.

I also wonder how you should make that high jump directly following afterwards?

 Really sorry about that... we didn't playtest a lot, my fault. In the post-jam version, this problem will be fixed.

About how to proceed, I suggest trying to use the dagger on a certain object in that area... ;)

Thanks for the feedback Joseph, glad you liked what you could play!

 About the glitch, thanks for pointing it out and giving a picture, as well. I already fixed it, but I think I'll release and push this new version only when the voting is over. Sorry about it!


The game was pretty fun~ No need to be sorry about a little bug! 
I am happy to be of help !