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man this game looks really cool

too bad it crashes whenever i start it


What OS are you running it on, and is it through the itch app or by itself? And what actually happens - do you get the loading graphic?

first, i got installed it off the app, on my windows 10. When i start the game before i see anything it responds with "unexpected error occured when running game"

It's running ok for me, through the app, on windows 10 pro v1903. Does the message looks like it's from itch or from windows? Do other (old) gamemaker games work for you, e.g. original spelunky? And what happens if you download the zip file, outside the app, unpack it and run it?

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i do run it from windows and yes i can run older games but the message does look like it came from a windows message. then again thats all it shows.

Thanks; what do you get if you download and unzip the zip file manually, not through the itch app?

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well lets see

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oof, ive gotten the same result. does that mean its not the website or its a PC problem? should i give up we've had a good go at it?

I'm thinking the error comes from GameMaker (the engine) as it talks about "the game".  I found one possibly-useful post about this error - here.

It's possible that if you watch the game directory when you run it, a log file or something might appear. Otherwise I don't know what to suggest, sorry.