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I'm thinking the error comes from GameMaker (the engine) as it talks about "the game".  I found one possibly-useful post about this error - here.

It's possible that if you watch the game directory when you run it, a log file or something might appear. Otherwise I don't know what to suggest, sorry.

Thanks; what do you get if you download and unzip the zip file manually, not through the itch app?

It's running ok for me, through the app, on windows 10 pro v1903. Does the message looks like it's from itch or from windows? Do other (old) gamemaker games work for you, e.g. original spelunky? And what happens if you download the zip file, outside the app, unpack it and run it?

What OS are you running it on, and is it through the itch app or by itself? And what actually happens - do you get the loading graphic?

The ones on itch are not formally open source, but I would be happy to send you the code if you're interested. I released two html5 things under an MIT license: and

Here is NASA's take on it:

Thanks! From the log, I wonder if it's something to do with sound (which uses the OpenAL library). You could try adding the line "nosounds" to settings.txt and see if it works -- you should still get the opening music.

Edit settings.txt and see if it will run in a window. What are you running it on?

Thank you! Maybe one day. I've found it difficult to come up with missions that keep the right tone.

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The game isset about 50km above the surface, where the pressure and temperature are earthlike. The surface you are flying over is a cloud layer.