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theres a bug where if u attack an enemy the game freezes  and i just cant figure out why

(im running a windows 10)

when i start the game throught the itch app it opens the game with a title but only shows a white screen? should i have not downloaded it from itch?

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oof, ive gotten the same result. does that mean its not the website or its a PC problem? should i give up we've had a good go at it?

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well lets see

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i do run it from windows and yes i can run older games but the message does look like it came from a windows message. then again thats all it shows.

first, i got installed it off the app, on my windows 10. When i start the game before i see anything it responds with "unexpected error occured when running game"

man this game looks really cool

too bad it crashes whenever i start it


this game is actually really cool.

i think u can go places with this kinda style.