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Another quick thought I had was to reduce stamina consumption per movement to just 1, but lower the encounter rate, so that people can explore more. I would perhaps have to make the cave map bigger to do this though.

That could be interesting, though for now I didn't really feel like that was really an issue. I'll have to check the game out again when it is updated (just let me know). I'll provide feedback again at that time.


I've updated the game to Beta 4 and am in contact with your music guy.

The current music is just something I had made in the past to fill in, but I am waiting for the new music.

Beta 4 is out, however lots of the new content is for mid/late game (i.e the river and its plot), so up to you if you play past the first cave (when the river unlocks). 

I only had a short time to explore the improvements and I've got to say it feels SO much better now. The only things that I noticed this time around was that the music would have some issues every once and awhile. Since I stuck it out further this time, I did find myself wanting a "back to base" option while exploring the cave. I wouldn't mind if that had a price attached to it either. It might be something to consider at least. Anyway, good job on the improvements :)


Great idea - like the escape ropes from Pokemon- the music is not bugged, just that I only have one track which I need to use twice...

Glad you like it. The music thing I insist on though. It cut out multiple times and there was even 2 instances of total silence for 10's of seconds. I just wanted you to know that was my experience. Perhaps my slow internet is to blame? I'm not saying it is your fault, just that it happened and wanted to let you know.

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When it cuts out is when the next rack comes in (in battle scenes), but I don't know about the total silence- when did this happen.

I had it while exploring two of the dead ends. Sorry I can't remember which ones specifically since I was mapping the cave. I know one was on the farther edge though.