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I don't know much about the ruletile asset, but this is what I usually do for tilemaps:

  1. Create assets at all the same size in the same file, power of 2 sizes (Which it sounds like you did)
  2. Import the asset, set sprite mode to multiple, open sprite editor
  3. Slice by grid size (Which it sounds like you did)
  4. Create the tilemap with a tilemap collider and a composite collider. Check the option in tilemap collider "Use by composite." This causes the tilemap to become one large collider instead of many small ones, and I'm hoping this solves the problem.
  5. Add asset to the palette and build the tilemap.

Also, I noticed your character is getting stuck on walls. You can add a physics material 2d to your character with zero friction to allow the character to slide on walls.

I think I will try the composite collision thingy as soon as I get home today - hopefully it works. I thought the only possible solution is to put large collision boxes manually.

Character getting stuck in the wall is also the tile collision problem. Those slightly jotted out tiles sometimes cause your head to bump when jumping, and can also get you stuck. I have put slippery material onto my player and the tilemaps.


Thank you very much, your method worked. I had to change my ground checking method tho since for some reasons my OverlapArea can't recognize the composite collider of the tile map... But on the flip side since now all the tiles are united I can just use the much simpler OnTriggerEnter2D and OnTriggerExit2D ^^


Awesome, glad I could be of help! 

Well I'd be damned. I fixed that issue but I got alerted that other issues suddenly showed up. Apparently players can sink to the ground in the new "fixed" version - the issue didn't  come up when I tested it so it was a huge surprise. Oh well, I guess it's time to say goodbye to Unity. I'm moving to Godot.

Is it only sinking into the ground when you jump from large heights? If you make the rigidbody2d have continuous collision detection it might solve the problem. (Rigidbody2D -> Collision detection -> Continuous)


Well I for some reasons couldn't recreate the bug - but from the screenshot one of my friend gave me it couldn't have been due to a large fall due to the location where he sank.  Tried to fall from a high place and didn't sink either. My friend said he was just walking around lol

Oh well don't think I'm going to be updating this game anymore, but I guess I will do as you suggested and change player's rb2D to Continuous and reupload it.