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Yeah, I realized later that i did as well lol. A subscriber pointed that out in the comments. Everything up to that point was keys, so i just assumed the thing i grabbed in the graveyard was also a key haha, my bad.  Made for a funny moment near the end of the game though lol. Thanks for being so honest and straightforward about the game. I understand a lot as i myself am part of a dev team, and i can totally sympathize on most things. You're never gonna get it perfect your first go, and if i come across as harsh, just understand i play A LOT of indie horrors on the channel and everyone gets the same treatment, as fair. Although despite any feedback you may had taken as harsh, i mean only the best with my words, and i only want to see you guys improve and make better games down the line. Thanks for taking the time to reply and watch my video, it shows promise for you guys in the future of taking feedback. Thanks again and have a great!


Feedback is good, it was not seen as harsh. Text always has a way of making words seem more ferocious. Sall good man! Hope your project is going well too! The comments for the game has been overly positive even know the game does have it's hiccups, I'm just surprised it's not getting hit harder! Take care and once again, thanks for the input!