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Thanks for giving our game a try! I'm glad we got you a few times :) And agreed, we intentionally made the game short because the gimmick gets old after you get the just of it (in most horror games to). Thanks again!

Thanks for playing! We got you a few times :P

That's great!

Sounds good man! I'll need play testers for sure! So keep your computer for the next game (Smugglers Love, just started pre-production on it). If you want to follow progress on the game click here!

Thanks for playing! Super glad you had a good time with it! We were not avoiding my friend, we were looking into the audio issue! We couldn't replicate it on our end unfortunately. It seems very situational and could be a number of issues like audio drivers, outdated Streamlabs or OBS or a number of factors. Or even a fresh install of the game might of fixed something that got corrupted during a recording? Either way we are glad you still persisted and played it and enjoyed it!

That's awesome! Thanks for playing and giving it a go!

My wild guess is that it is your virus protection blocking it? I know when I test on my own machine I get the error too but I can close that window, run it again and after my virus protection recognizes it it runs. 

Thanks for the detailed review! We are glad you enjoyed it!

We are glad we helped you scream at that height like never before! 22:43

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We are sorry you didn't have a good time with our game. Thanks for giving it a try anyways though! 1) The character shadows was my bad (Chris). We have a patch coming that fixes that 2) I did the voice acting and yea, I'm no pro that's for sure haha. I tried to sound spooky but I ended up sounding goofy. Luckily he is supposed to be a goofy character anyways. 3) I have never played Spooky's Jumpscare Mansion or House of Jumpscares so I can't imitate what I never played, researched or seen before.  At the end of the day, you played it for free. We knew it is not perfect so we didn't feel good about charging for it. It's a simple small, imperfect and goofy game. That's it, that's all. We learned a lot from working on it. It's our apprenticeship game. 

Спасибо за игру! Рад, что вам понравилось!

Thanks for giving this game a chance to entertain you!

Thanks for playing! We got you a few times hehe. 

Also you did pick up the purse!

9:25 "G-F***, the force of f***!". I dig that phrase hehe. Thanks for playing!

Appreciate they play-through! 

8:20 Take all the time you need :P

Thanks for giving the game a go! 

We credit every piece of music we have in the game to it's appropriate creator. To my knowledge we didn't steal any track.  Please send a link of the track in question, it's name and where it was used in our game.  

We got you a few times! I enjoyed the let's play!

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Ah man no way haha! Thanks for the play-through!

We are SUPER glad we were your favorite game so far! You are the best!

Thanks for playing Flamez! We got you a few times!

Thanks for the input! Glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed it! 

Solid play-through! We appreciate the fun you had playing it!

11:06 that cackle was great! Thanks for playing!

I'm glad you had fun with the game! Thanks for giving it a chance to entertain you!

20:30 made my day! Great video man!

Awesome compilation man! We enjoyed your screams thoroughly! Thank you for playing! 

15:58 is a good time haha. Thanks for playing :)

Feedback is good, it was not seen as harsh. Text always has a way of making words seem more ferocious. Sall good man! Hope your project is going well too! The comments for the game has been overly positive even know the game does have it's hiccups, I'm just surprised it's not getting hit harder! Take care and once again, thanks for the input!

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Solid input! The drawers are a relic of a past mechanic we thought about putting in. We are thinking of adding some things in the drawers in a patch. We simply didn't know what items to put in the drawers. We have no batteries or power-ups so it would be just junk which takes time (we were tight on). Plus we wanted to keep the keys and notes visible and kind of in the players face. So yeah, I agree the drawer thing is a wash. Once again, we might add some stuff to the drawers before we launch on Gamejolt, that or just simply disable it. 

As for the flashlight, we experimented with different brightness and came to the conclusion that we wanted less bright light. Some people say it's to bright, some say it's to dark. Sometimes you can't please everyone. 

When you died in the crypts and couldn't move, that's because it spawns you at the keys last position, we are working on a fix for that. We didn't have that issue on our end when trying to replicate it but some people do. Some people play the whole game with that not being a issue.

Most of the things you mention we already know. We released it anyways. That's the nature of the gaming industry. This was our first game so there is lots to learn from this experience.  Even from the PR side of things. I could choose to bullshit you some junk or tell the truth. I choose the truth. It might come back to bite me in the ass down the road though haha. 

Thanks for giving us your input and critique! Also, you did collect the purse :P

6:15, we gotcha good there! Awesome play-through!

That was fun to watch! Thanks for giving it a try!

¡No hablo español, pero tengo que agradecerte por jugar nuestro juego! Disfruté tu vamos a jugar! Esto fue traducido por google, así que espero que tenga sentido!

11:21 was magic! "Ahhhbolobooboo"! Thanks for giving the game a chance!

9:20 is a good time! Thanks for playing Jonny!

Thanks for playing! We got you good for a few scares eh!

At 3:00 thanks for giving it a go again! You did indeed do it justice! Much gratitude for your play-through once more!

5:07 I feel your anxiety level by the mouse movements! I'm glad you enjoyed it!