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Thanks for playing! Cardiologists give it their gold star recommendation :P 

"The truth will set you free" they say haha. Yeah, the best it can be is admirable but with no budget, publisher and done while we were working fulltime / part time jobs it was a challenge. What was most important is that we "finish" something.

You will pump out a released project one day, man. I work solo now and have two games on the go. One is a 3D  VR game called Devotion's Crew, the other is a 2D game called Sloppy & Brutal. I learned with Tall Poppy that I can get creative burnout, so having a pallet cleanser project helps. Might help you too! Thanks man for the best wishes, I wish you the same too!

Thanks for playing! 

I'm not going to beat around the bush like some devs do, all those bugs are in the game.  I (Chris) knew it and released it anyways because we wanted to start fresh on new projects. We were supposed to make the game in 3 months, and it ended up taking 6 or 8 months. Why?

1) We had source control issues that we weren't used to using
2) The primary programmer pretty much stopped mid-development to keep working on his own game. I don't blame him, I pulled him off his dream project to work on a short game, and he just wasn't as passionate as I was about Tall Poppy. 
3) I was the 3D artist and animator and had to suddenly learn programming, I wanted to finish what I started, so I did the best I could with what I learned at the time. 

What you played was a game made by a few dudes who wanted to team up to make a game, then one took off and the other was left to piece it together.

Tall Poppy was a great learning experience for myself and my future games will be better because of it. We knew there was bugs, that's why you don't have to pay a dime to play it. No sense to put a price on it because it's a short buggy game. I don't even promote/market it either. 

Honest speak, I could fix the bugs now, but it would take time away from my future project. To me, Tall Poppy was like being in a relationship that didn't work, I tried to make it work (learned programming) and in the end we had to go our own ways (put it on itch and not look back). What's done is done. I keep the game the buggy way it is as a lesson to myself to be better. In a way, that's the art of it as well. It's a video game, and a lesson. 

Also, some folks play the game and don't have any bug issues, some play and catch all the bugs and more haha. Either way, thanks for playing it!

New post! 

Fuckin' eh man! Best review ever!

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This game is cool! Lots of axe throwing mayhem  

This game was refreshing!

I tried it out, was trippy but cool. It's not easy getting a game made in 48 hours and this one is cool,

I tried it out, was trippy but cool. It's not easy getting a game made in 48 hours and this one is cool,

Hhehehe, got you good! Thanks for giving the game a play!

That was awesome! Your editing game is strong, I dig the memes in between. Koolaid man with the x-files theme made my morning! Thanks for playing!

Another update for you folks!

I just added a new post! Hope you guys dig it!

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Devotion's Crew is the latest upcoming game from Attainable Entertainment Inc (maker of Tall Poppy). It's a story about two lovers who bought a old house/cargo ship called Devotion. The ship breaks down and they do what they can to keep the ship operational, their bellies full and keep their sanity in check.

  • Single Player
  • Story rich
  • PC release (for now)
  • Anime inspired (Comedic with serious undertones)
  • VR

Latest Dev Vlog post covering June 2020 development! If you like what you see, be sure to follow along via this post thread or through YouTube or Twitch  I stream development almost daily so be sure to follow the journey there if you wish and say hi!

The U.L.S.S. Devotion and all her glory. She's a cargo ship and the home to two lovebirds named Jesse Dixon and Riley Dixon.

It's the beginning of August 2020,  I will be working on finishing and fine tuning the quest system:

1) Adding way-points
2) Connecting it to the save/load system
3) Go To/Talk To quest type
4) Food quest system

Then I'll be working on hooking up the pilot station and getting the ship flyable.

 If you guys want to know more about the game, let me know!

Thanks for playing! I love your reaction at 25:52 and that remix. Glad you enjoyed it!

Looks cook, I'll download it!

We got you a few times with a few spooks! Thanks for playing it Deianora!

Some good laughs in there man! Thanks for playing!

I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Almost gave you a heart attack there eh! Thank's for playing it and putting it in your video!

Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for playing!

Studio Name

Attainable Entertainment Inc.

Legal Corporate Studio

Yes, Canadian Private Corporation


Revenue Share on release. Pay is distributed equally among the team. If in early access or receive funding pay will be negotiated via payroll or contract + revenue share.

What I'm Looking For

  1. 2D Artist with some experience making 2D games in UE4. Cartoon art style if possible. Experience with UV work, texture and material creation.
  2. 3D Artist/Animator that knows how to rig, weight paint and create models.


  1. Blender for Animation
  2. Unreal Engine 4

The Project/Elevator Pitch

Players will be playing a lazy but extremely powerful superhero who has to fend off an alien invasion while trying to manage a social life.


  1. Portfolios and links to your created/credited work.
  2. MUST LIVE in Ontario, Canada (payment would be easier). I might bend the rule for that if needed. 

Length Of Project

If we do our job well we can have a prototype in a few months, funding after that (if we are lucky) and release late 2020 (depending on play tests and polish passes). This game is intended to be short and semi-easy to make.

How To Apply

Reply in the comment box below with your portfolio links, a bit about yourself.

About Attainable Entertainment Inc

I (Chris) started the company in 2016 with the intent to make fun video games (as we all do). I released a game in mid 2019 called Tall Poppy (My apprentice game). I am now looking to start a new team. Ideally a team of 3-5 spartan game developers that want to make fun quick games that can hopefully turn a profit. I can do visual scripting via blueprints, animation and 3D model. I'm dedicated to make some really neat games to share with the world.

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for giving our game a try! I'm glad we got you a few times :) And agreed, we intentionally made the game short because the gimmick gets old after you get the just of it (in most horror games to). Thanks again!

Thanks for playing! We got you a few times :P

That's great!

Sounds good man! I'll need play testers for sure! So keep your computer for the next game (Smugglers Love, just started pre-production on it). If you want to follow progress on the game click here!

Thanks for playing! Super glad you had a good time with it! We were not avoiding my friend, we were looking into the audio issue! We couldn't replicate it on our end unfortunately. It seems very situational and could be a number of issues like audio drivers, outdated Streamlabs or OBS or a number of factors. Or even a fresh install of the game might of fixed something that got corrupted during a recording? Either way we are glad you still persisted and played it and enjoyed it!

That's awesome! Thanks for playing and giving it a go!

My wild guess is that it is your virus protection blocking it? I know when I test on my own machine I get the error too but I can close that window, run it again and after my virus protection recognizes it it runs. 

Thanks for the detailed review! We are glad you enjoyed it!

We are glad we helped you scream at that height like never before! 22:43

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We are sorry you didn't have a good time with our game. Thanks for giving it a try anyways though! 1) The character shadows was my bad (Chris). We have a patch coming that fixes that 2) I did the voice acting and yea, I'm no pro that's for sure haha. I tried to sound spooky but I ended up sounding goofy. Luckily he is supposed to be a goofy character anyways. 3) I have never played Spooky's Jumpscare Mansion or House of Jumpscares so I can't imitate what I never played, researched or seen before.  At the end of the day, you played it for free. We knew it is not perfect so we didn't feel good about charging for it. It's a simple small, imperfect and goofy game. That's it, that's all. We learned a lot from working on it. It's our apprenticeship game. 

Спасибо за игру! Рад, что вам понравилось!

Thanks for giving this game a chance to entertain you!

Thanks for playing! We got you a few times hehe. 

Also you did pick up the purse!

9:25 "G-F***, the force of f***!". I dig that phrase hehe. Thanks for playing!

Appreciate they play-through! 

8:20 Take all the time you need :P

Thanks for giving the game a go!