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Hehe We got you a few times! Thanks for playing!

Glad you liked it, also, where did you get it for free??????

That's great to hear! Thanks for playing

Thanks for your input. What types of things would you change to make it more suitable to your standards?

Awesome vid man! 

Congrats on the Unreal Engine Game Jam Win!

Dry wall fridge indeed! Thanks for playing guys!

This was a great treat to watch! Thank you for playing!

Thanks for playing! We got you in the crypts hehe! 

Thank you for playing and slapping Tall Poppy's lovely face on your thumbnail! Solid video man!

Great video! We got you a few times eh!

Thanks for playing! We just released a patch last night (Oct 20th) that fixes many bugs that you may have experienced with the older build you played. Also, we didn't intend to add controller support, however I will put it on my task list for the next build we are working on with new areas, spooks, updated graphics and a VR mode!

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This comment filled my heart! We are working on a Steam release that adds a new areas, different spooks and a VR mode! 

You have to finish the game to be able to restart! I'm working on a build right now that has a New Game system!

Yes, it was I (Chris) partly responsible for this madness muhahah. Thanks for playing and for the awesome vid!

Thanks for playing! Great video!

Great Vid! Thanks for giving us a chance to entertain you!

"Dude, Casper the ghost noises? What's going on?!" Solid vid! Thanks for playing!

That's awesome! We're glad you had a blast!

Thanks for your interest in Tall Poppy! The game is a single player game, so you guys can take turns beating it. I am working on a build with a New Game system, so you can easily restart and have your buddies play it! It's a short but sweet game for you guys to play!

Thanks for playing our "fu-fu-ass horror game"! Love the edits man, you make good content! 

You make some good points and I understand your position. It's super cool how you will still recommend the game at a later date! To be fair, I'm new to this whole process, so I'm learning as I go. Opinions like yours will help shape my decisions moving forward!

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We're glad you enjoyed it! We hoped having a goofy ghost would onset the dread of playing a horror game :)

Because of this song ^

Because this song ^

Your editing skills are top-notch man! Thanks for playing the game, I had a good laugh at your video! 

Thanks for playing! You got some James Brown scream action going on haha! Solid vid!

I apologize. I am working hard trying to find a solution. I have a new build in the works that should hopefully help fix some bugs! Stay tuned, it should be out by this weekend.

We are working on a New Game system! New build is coming as soon as we can get it out. Thank you for playing!

I changed it because we, the developers, are broke as hell. So I figured, since there was a market demand for the game, and my fridge is almost empty, I should start charging a small price for the game we worked on. Hope you understand, man's gotta eat. Also, side note, the game was released in 2019 and not getting much attention at all. It's Sept 2021 and it blew up more than ever (even though Markiplier played it in 2019). 

Go to Start > Settings > Update & Security > Windows Security > Virus & threat protection. Under Virus & threat protection settings, select Manage settings, and then under Exclusions, select Add or remove exclusions. Select Add an exclusion, and then select from files, folders, file types, or process.

We're working on a fix. Not all hope is lost. We are working on a build and will release in the next few days and hope it works. 

10/10 Would recommend your stream! Thanks for playing!

Glad to hear! Thanks for playing :)

Glad you had a good time MeirnoVR! It's amazing how one video from a influencer can make the difference!

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That's not your ninja way Naruto! Prioritize food with that $3 and buy some ramen!

OMG music to my ears man! Thank you for this great review!

Since I don't have a Mac, I can't properly test it unless I had testers to test it out. So not in the foreseeable future. 

Thanks man, it's been a long night trying to fix these audio issues some folks are having. Please be patient, hopefully by tomorrow I'll have some answers.