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The combat art and menus look nice. I think it would've been a good idea to not try to implement all of these systems. Both the platforming and the combat are badly executed. In the case of the platforming, there's a very noticeable delay between hitting the jump button and the character jumping that I measured at about the same amount of time it takes to move a third of the way across the floating platforms. On top of that, the jump path looks unnatural as if both the character's jumping strength and gravity are way too high to make any sense. On the combat side, the positioning of the spheres is too random to feel skill based and didn't always remain in the screen. On top of that, the spheres seems to have a lopsided hitbox that causes them to not always activate on click. It doesn't help that they often overlap too, and when blocking will sometimes never be in a position to allow success at all.

On a lesser note, I'm not sure how the use of japanese fits the aesthetic themes. The visuals all look like western high fantasy. Also, I'm not that good with the language, but are you sure your usage is correct? "Red string" seems fine if unrelated to anything that I saw in-game (though I guess if you meant it as "red trespassing" or "red young girl" that would work?), but I'm not sure what it would mean to earn "mahou".

First of all, thanks for your critique. I think my major mistake in this jam was trying to implement too many systems. I will try to focus more on the next one.

So, "mahou" was a poor choice made by me to refer to the game's currency. With "mahou" you're able to level up your character (equivalent to souls in Dark Souls games), thus increasing status such as HP, number of available spheres, etc. The idea of connecting spheres was made to make the turn-based combat more interesting, requiring some level of skill and a little bit of luck from the player to succeed.