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Awesome puzzle design! it has the assumption-revelation mechanics of normal "pushing boxes" games, but this one has an extra dimension! which makes so much more interesting. the difficulty curve was almost perfect, i would say the jump from 6 to 7 is a bit steep, but the rest is great. 

One thing that did make me mess up the puzzles a couple of times was how the game detects that you are working on another face. I would sometimes quickly pan over to a new face and because i was trying to do it quickly i actually ended up moving the box on the previous face before the game switched over to the new one. One possible idea would be to add a slider for the 'angle' of detection or something like that (this is of course assuming you want to expand the game).

Before writing this i was gonna suggest adding a "step-back" feature, but after thinking about it, it may actually mess-up your difficulty curve, so now i'm not sure.

Again, great game!

Thanks for playing! I'm choosing which side to activate by raycasting from the center of the camera to the box. I supposed I could see how close to the center of the box face it hits and just disable movement if too far away, like when you are looking at an edge. I'm not sure this would be comfortable either though, because there are a lot of times when you might want to intentionally view it close to the edge to see how you are affecting both sides. I don't know; I may have to play around with it later and see what works.

I wanted to add an undo feature. I just didn't have time for it. I might add that once the games are unlocked.