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Thank you :) yes the bartender can earn $ 20 more randomly when customers near the bar. I had imagined more mechanics of games, with choices to make for the team of the club and other things, but it's difficult to do everything in a time of 7 days, that's why the game is a bit simple and there are few interactions unfortunately. I'm not English so I have trouble understanding the latest questions, what does "rock papers scissors" mean? Is it about the popularity of the club? if that's it, for the moment it's partly random, the initial idea was to have to hire a better security team to filter the customers and influence the club's reputation.

"Rock Paper Scissors" is a game where after a count of 3 (or count of "Rock, paper, scissors!" two players make the shape of rock, paper or scissors with their hands at the same time and see who wins.

Paper wins against rock, scissors wins against paper and rock wins against scissors.

Its a pretty common idea in RTS games, where for example swordsmen beat spearmen, spearmen beat cavalry, cavalry beat swordsmen, that sort of thing. In this case I sort of meant maybe three different actions you can do with different types of customer, that if you get right you maybe get a boost in popularity/a better rating, or maybe a cash tip etc; but if you get it wrong it goes the other way? Maybe also a "neutral" reaction where nothing changes?

Only put it out there as I saw in another comment you were thinking of building on your game a little more after the jam so I thought I'd throw that idea out there just in case it gives you an idea in turn :D

All in all I think what you got done is pretty great especially for 7 days, believe me I understand the crunch of such a small timeframe hahaha