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Thank you, yes I will think about it, I must find time to improve it.

ah yes ok I understand, thank you :) I did not use this system, I was forced to do a random part for lack of time, the enemies also play on the popularity if they go back it takes an inch red (dislike ), and for the bar and the strip girl it's according to the customer's location and if it's a man or a woman. Women pay more at the bar, and men give their money in front of the strip girl.

Not easy but cool, nice game and music with good graphic and stealth gameplay, well done :) 

Thank you :)

Thank you :) yes the bartender can earn $ 20 more randomly when customers near the bar. I had imagined more mechanics of games, with choices to make for the team of the club and other things, but it's difficult to do everything in a time of 7 days, that's why the game is a bit simple and there are few interactions unfortunately. I'm not English so I have trouble understanding the latest questions, what does "rock papers scissors" mean? Is it about the popularity of the club? if that's it, for the moment it's partly random, the initial idea was to have to hire a better security team to filter the customers and influence the club's reputation.

Thank you :) yes unfortunately I did not have time to finish to get the hyper to 100%

Not easy but the game is cool, good cyberpunk atmosphere :)

There is not much to do, but the atmosphere and the graphics are good, well done :)

It's quite short but it's nice, there is good work on graphics, atmosphere, music and story, it's nice, well done :)

It's short but rather fun, see mario cyberpunk version is quite funny and I like the design.

The graphic style is really original is nice to watch, I do not know if it's a bug but I did not hear music. The story looks well worked, even if I do not speak enough English well to understand everything in detail. Great job :)

Thanks :) yes many people have told me, I think I have not adjusted enough the speed of progression.

Thanks :)

Thanks :)

Thank you :) yes the game is maybe a little too slow at the beginning of the game before having the improvements for the club.

Thanks :)

Thank you :)

Thanks, yes unfortunately I did not have time to implement all the mechanics of gameplay that I had imagined :)

Ty :)

The game is nice, there is a story of developed and good music, the graphics are a little mixed in several style it would have been better to stay with the same aesthetic, the gameplay is simple but well done and pretty cool, great: )

The game is really good, but I have the impression that it was small bugs that slipped correctly in the menu that was unlocked and bought the new virus. Otherwise the atmosphere, the visual and the music are cool, nice job :)

The game is nice, it's a good idea and I like the graphic atmosphere, on the browser I do not hear sound or music, I do not know if it's a bug. great job :)

Nice, a little short, the gameplay is not very accurate but there is the idea.

I could not test two players but the game looks nice :)

Congrat :) This game is beautifull, good music, just should improve the gameplay, keyboard keys are not very practical and the fights are imperfect.

I like the idea, it's original and fun to play. The music and atmosphere is cool, too bad it's so short, well done :)

Very good game, good concept, well done :)

the concept is nice :)

Psychedelic game :)

Simple but cool :)

Not easy but nice, beautiful and good atmosphere.

Simple but cool and the graphics are nice :)

Nice, I do not speak English very well so I did not understand everything unfortunately, I was not far, but I like the DA.

Nice, a kind of flappy futuristic bird, it's not my style of play but it's always cool for fast game play.

It's nice for a beginner, but there are a lot of problems, collisions, assets, I did not see any enemies, the character goes through the walls. There are many things to improve, congratulations anyway for the participation.

Thank you :) yes I think that I will perhaps continue to develop afterwards to improve the game and add mechanics of games and the duration of play.

Thanks you, yes once the club has enough success, someone will congratulate you, it is equivalent to victory. 

Merci, oui c'était l'idée de base de rajouter plus de défis et d'interactions entre les différents éléments, notamment les monstres, malheureusement j'ai pas réussit à libérer assez de temps pour tout faire.

Merci :) Logiquement si le bloc sort de l'écran il se détruit, mais c'est possible qu'il y'es un bug lorsqu'il sort par les cotés oui.

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Merci pour ton avis :) oui il faut appuyer plusieurs fois, j'ai pas eu le temps de peaufiner le gameplay malheureusement mais peut-être dans une version amélioré du jeu une fois la jam finie.