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In trying to open the .app on my (up-to-date, OS-wise) mac, I am getting an alert that the app "is not supported on this type of mac." I'm unable to run it.

could you take a screenshoot of the error message

Here it is!

im looking into it - haven't seen this one before.

Thanks! I have a PC also so it's not a huge problem for me-- I'll just play it on my other computer.

maybe it's a game maker issue? that doesn't support newer mac versions? I can try later tonight, I'm still on 10.11 i believe

yea turned out I uploaded a build that got corrupted

For anyone who sees this, it turns out the launcher craps out because there are no execute permissions set on it... I ended up having to run the game through the terminal, or something like that

Hey I fixed the problem, redownload the mac build and it should work.