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Correct, atm theres no option to export your games but in the future I will be providing the ability for your game to be able to be exported to be sold.

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Hey Julesmig,

For some users they cannot launch the version as it tries to force launch into Steam but the steam version might launch for you.

Ill look into why it might not be launching.

At the moment not yet, Its a planned feature to have a export module. At the moment the way to share it is through the Steam Workshop which is on the steam engine of Unfolding which would be able to see the work you have already done since they share the same appdata folder.

Ill let you know once I add in the exporter into the engine.

This has been the biggest complaint with working with multiple people. Thanks so much for this.

Thanks for that, I'm going to be making a iso, hex, perspective builder after I finish the incremental game mechanics because I feel like you are not alone in wanting this. Many people have been wanting top down perspective and if I was going to do it I want to make it like what you describe. I'll let you know when it comes out.

try it now, I believe I had to select windows mode for the option.
Tell me how it goes.

Hey lulullia,

I've uploaded a new build that may fix the problem, if it doesnt it might be due to Steam forcing itself to launch which I'm looking into it. If the newest build doesnt work try the Steam build as that may fix the problem.


Thankyou so much that worked

I'm a bit confused how to install this code that you sent me. I looked at the guide and I couldnt find how to install a child theme.

I went into the /themes/ and installed a theme and I see these folders.

With the folder names I find it hard to see the difference between folders and scripts. Is there a way to change the colour of the folders so that they show up easier?

Those features have now been implemented

Thos are some good suggestions, working on them now

I read the thread so if you find anything just let me know. <3

Unfortunately so. I'll fix it up soon, I'm currently in GDC atm and I do not have access to my home computer. But as soon as I can I will allow it to work via the itch app.

In the meantimes the game can be manually downloaded via the website on the games page if you sign in your account. Thanks for finding this one for me, I didnt know about the app wasnt working and I'll fix it asap.

thankyou for this, the way gamemaker handles its ini files is really annoying

yea turned out I uploaded a build that got corrupted

Hey I fixed the problem, redownload the mac build and it should work.

im looking into it - haven't seen this one before.

could you take a screenshoot of the error message

it was a placeholder so I could share the finished work with a few of my friends while I get the media push ready, sorry for the confusion

Damn yea I see what you mean that was disappointing. I'll fix that area that you ended with up its way too fiddly.

Talk to me! : )

oh right the movement system, yea that could do with some work

Im not sure what you mean

like do you mean inertia as in the really close parrallax?