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I don't know exactly how to access the log, but I'm trying. I can only launch the game from WinRAR as far as I know.

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I think the log he is talking about would be the command prompt / terminal output that appears when the game is started.  I agree with him that we do not know enough about your problem to offer any concrete advise.

It sounds to me like you managed to lose a portion of the files and folders that should be present in the Zip archive.  I would suggest re-extracting the game into a folder by itself to ensure that you did not simply lose the Strive stuff in a clutter of other things.

For me on Windows 7 x64, Winrar offers an option in the right-click menu to "Extract to strive-for-power-win64-public\" which I use to automatically put everything in a new folder. With this in mind I'll give a basic layout of files for a Windows.

          <15 other files>
                   <838 files>
                   <32 files>
Edit: Actually, after thinking about it for a bit more, download and install a new version of Winrar.  Not sure it's the problem, but if you haven't done that for a while, it may help.

I'm concerned that he hasn't actually extracted the game yet and is trying to run the executable from  within WinRar.

"I can only launch the game from WinRAR"

Please fully extract everything into a new folder, then try again.

yeah, seeing his response to me, that's definitely the problem.